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SkyDrive Adds Recycle Bin and Excel Surveys


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SkyDrive is adding a recycle bin starting today, and will soon roll out Excel surveys as part of the web apps available.  Read on for details.


Responding to requests from students, SkyDrive is adding a recycle bin starting today and will add surveys to the Excel web app.  The former is a nice touch, and the latter will make using Excel to gather survey data very easy to use.  Here their blog post announcing these changes:

We’ve focused on making SkyDrive the most versatile personal cloud storage service available—spanning file, app, and device clouds. So we appreciate it when reviewers recognize our progress, as with the recent PC Magazine award of Editor’s Choice in cloud storage to SkyDrive.

But our primary measure of success is whether key audiences, like students, use and love SkyDrive. That’s why we sponsored a student collaboration challenge (that received great submissions) and why we shared tips for students to make SkyDrive their cloud backpack. We’re happy to see students increasingly choose SkyDrive and share their stories.

Today, we’re excited to release a new recycle bin feature on and to tell you about a feature (Excel surveys) we’ll release in the coming weeks. Note: Due to how we release updates, the recycle bin feature may take up to 24 hours to appear in your SkyDrive. The Excel survey feature lets you easily create online surveys and analyze results using the free Excel Web App or Excel on your desktop. We hope these two new features will further enhance SkyDrive for students and others.

Recycle bin

SkyDrive already keeps previous versions of your Office documents automatically. But students, in particular, have asked for a way to recover any file—even those deleted by accident, by someone else, during a group project. So, we’ve added a recycle bin to SkyDrive.

I’m going to start by showing you how we’ve made deleting files better. Prior to this release, when you deleted anything in SkyDrive you had to acknowledge and dismiss a warning dialog. This extra step got in the way of making delete as fast as it should be. Now, when you delete an item, we simply tell you that we did it and allow you to “undo” your action:

We think this will make deleting even faster and easier. However, if you have deleted something already, from any SkyDrive app, we’re now giving you a recycle bin that will work very similarly to what you’re used to on your PC. You can get to the recycle bin from a link in the bottom left side of SkyDrive.

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