ReviewsReview: Monoprice Wireless Meeting Headset

Review: Monoprice Wireless Meeting Headset


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Working from home is the new norm. Consequently, online meetings via Zoom or other webcasting software are commonplace. Therefore, equipping yourself with the right equipment is essential if you wish to appear professional. This is where Monoprice comes to the fore! The Monoprice Wireless Meeting Headset is versatile, comfortable, well-built, and affordable.

On top of this, these refined headphones can be used for music, gaming, and are compatible with a range of media devices. As such, they are perfect for business and pleasure. Thanks to their soft over-ear cups, foldable design and lightweight nature, they are ideal if you are away from the office, or simply want something less bulky. Additionally, the boom microphone is detachable, and this is great if you are listening to your favourite track or playing a single-player game.

What’s in the box of the Monoprice Wireless Meeting Headset?

  • The simple cardboard packaging gives little away. With limited images and a smattering of key information, it is understated and compact. What’s more, it’s mostly recyclable, and that was a great start. 
  • The Monoprice Wireless Meeting Headset comes partially charged. The over-ear cups are a nice size and the faux leather material helps to keep your ears cool. Moreover, the headband is strong and feels robust. The port for the microphone can be easily identified, and the key buttons for power, volume, and sound boost are simple to locate. 
  • A USB-A low latency dongle is provided to increase versatility. As such, this headset can connect via the USB dongle, Bluetooth 5.0, or 3.5mm audio jack.
  • A small USB-C charging cable is used to charge the device in under 2 hours. However, if the cable isn’t long enough, any standard USB-C can be used. 
  • The detachable boom mic and foam cover are small, inoffensive, and easy to use.
  • Though this device is simple to set up, you may need some help. Thankfully, a simple user guide talks you through the fundamentals. 

Technical aspects. 

The Monoprice Wireless Meeting Headset is predominantly a business tool. Accordingly, battery life, connectivity, and sound quality are your priorities. Thankfully, this device ticks each of these boxes while exceeding my expectations on many levels. 

Many top-quality headsets fail to outlast this excellent accessory. With a 2-hour charging window and up to 32 hours of talk time, you get a lot of juice to play with.

Another incredible element is the dual-chip design. These headphones can be connected to any compatible Bluetooth device. Alternatively, if you use the USB-A transmitter dongle, you’ll enjoy ultra-low-latency performance. Furthermore, thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you’ll enjoy faster data transfer rates and improved battery life.

The audio quality is incredible. Thanks to the 3D stereo surround sound, you don’t miss a thing. Additionally, there is a boost button to enhance every noise while increasing the levels of bass. This minor touch wasn’t necessary during business calls, but it was great when gaming or listening to music.

Build quality. 

If you are using your headphones for extended sessions, you want them to be comfortable. Thanks to the lightweight design and padded earcups, the Monoprice Wireless Meeting Headset is fantastic. What’s more, your ears won’t overheat, the sound wasn’t tinny, and controlling the volume was easy thanks to the tactile buttons.

The black finish was understated, but professional to look at. Additionally, the microphone port is well positioned to easily adjust the boom arm mic. Whenever a manufacturer creates headphones with a detachable microphone, I get worried. I’ve had terrible experiences where the sound quality is poor and the pickup is awful. Thankfully, though, the boom arm is flexible and picks up your words thanks to a crisp and clean voice response. 

Each of the buttons and switches and located on the earcups in familiar positions. Subsequently, these tactile tools ensure that it is easy to adjust the sound, boost the volume, or switch from Bluetooth to the USB transmitter. Finally, whenever you are travelling, you don’t want clumsy headphones weighing you down. Thankfully, the foldable design is perfect if you are on your travels or working away from home. 

Is the Monoprice Wireless Meeting Headset worth it?

The headphone market is saturated. Consequently, it can be tough to pick the right headset for the task at hand. Luckily, the Monoprice Wireless Meeting Headset is user-friendly, versatile, and great value for money. Moreover, its sound quality is excellent, the build quality is sturdy, professional, and understated, and the boom arm microphone is clean, crisp, and responsive. Additionally, the sound boost, incredible battery life, and multiple connectivity settings ensure that this is wonderfully versatile. Accordingly, it is for these reasons that I recommend you buy it here!

(More information on Monoprice can be found here!) 

The Monoprice Wireless Meeting Headset has been award Movie Games and Tech's gold award.
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