Storage & NASQNAP Enhances Cloud Storage Backup Solutions

QNAP Enhances Cloud Storage Backup Solutions


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QNAP added an unlimited Symform and Google Drive options.  Read on for details.






QNAP has added two alternatives for cloud storage and backup to their Turbo NAS line, an unlimited plan from Symform and integration with Google Drive.  The Google Drive option requires installation of a QPKG package.

Taipei, Taiwan, September 13, 2012 – QNAP® Systems, Inc. today announced its Symform® cloud storage backup integration has been upgraded with unlimited cloud storage capacity by trading local storage capacity for cloud capacity, and now includes new Google® Drive Sync feature. The improved integration of cloud storage services aims to provide QNAP Turbo NAS users with more flexible options for file backup.

QNAP included Symform’s service that provides Turbo NAS users up to 10GB free storage capacity for cloud backup. The new service advances the offering to a free and unlimited cloud backup storage by users’ contribution. Users can expand their cloud capacity by contributing local storage to Symform Storage Cloud™, and in return get additional capacity in the Symform cloud. The cloud storage gained by contribution is unlimited and free, providing more space to store personal files as an ideal backup solution on the cloud. Users can synchronize files between Turbo NAS and the Symform cloud easily for backing up important data redundantly in the cloud.

“We are excited to have thousands of QNAP users in over 50 countries backing-up their NAS data to our distributed, global storage network, and we appreciate QNAP’s market-leading approach to comprehensive data protection,” said Matthew J Schiltz, CEO of Symform. “Through our strategic partnership, we have established a revolutionary, crowd sourced model for backing up NAS data in the cloud, and with our new pricing, QNAP customer adoption will accelerate even further.”

The newly released Google Drive Sync provides an easy solution for synchronizing data between the Turbo NAS and Google Drive. Users can designate a local shared folder in the Turbo NAS dedicated for synchronizing files with Google Drive on the scheduling or manual basis. Any new or modified files stored in the Turbo NAS or Google Drive can be easily synchronized.

In addition to Symform and Google Drive, QNAP Turbo NAS supports other renowned cloud storage providers for data backup and recovery in the purpose of continuous data protection, including Amazon® S3 and ElephantDrive®.

“As cloud storage services are widely used nowadays, QNAP has integrated support for the well known and most-used cloud storage services to support the needs of users desiring to leverage cloud solutions for redundant file backup and sync,” said Jason Hsu, product manager of QNAP. “Our users can have greater flexibility in backing up content stored on the NAS,” added Hsu.


  • Symform is available for all Turbo NAS models capable of running NAS firmware version 3.5.2 onward.
  • Google Drive Sync is available on all Turbo NAS units installed with NAS firmware version 3.7.0 onward. To obtain Google Drive Sync, please visit QPKG Center to download.

I’m not that thrilled with leaving my data on someone else’s random system, so the Symform option is probably not for me, but synching with Google Drive might well be a good idea.  I’ll check that out soon and report back.

Jim McCarthy
Jim McCarthy
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