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Review: Shadow PC

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Shadow PC puts other gaming streaming services to shame. However, this mighty powerful subscription service comes with a price point to match. Yet, the entry fee is worth every penny when you consider what you get! This cloud-based PC allows you to access a top-end computer without the massive initial outlay. Moreover, you no longer need to worry about upgrades as this monstrous system competes with the biggest and meanest machines available.

Unlike Amazon Luna, PlayStation Now, and Xbox Cloud Gaming, Shadow PC has no games. Consequently, at first, it doesn’t appear a great deal. Yet, most gamers have ample games at their disposal, so it matters not. On top of this, Amazon Prime subscribers and Epic Games Store fans have mountains of free titles available. As such, you can get up and running for a minimal cost.

Shadow PC requires some patience.

Shadow PC requires little technical knowledge, as the team behind it has created a user-friendly system. However, you’ll need some patience as your PC requires setting up. Once you bite the bullet and subscribe to this incredible tool, you’ll have to wait around an hour for your login. After you follow the basic steps, your online device is ready to access.

This subscription service has come on leaps and bounds and it is now compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi OS. Subsequently, you can use this incredible streaming service on a wide range of platforms. Additionally, you can use a mobile phone or smart TV if you so wish. Recently, the team has also added an internet browser version of the software. However, unfortunately, I was unable to test this feature. Instead, my efforts focused on the stable app that can be downloaded directly from the main website.

It is all about the app.

Cloud Gaming fills me with dread! My internet happens to be moderate at best and this has caused me no end of problems. Yet, Shadow PC requires a relatively low-speed connection to be successful. The minimum requirement of 15Mb/s down and 5Mb/s up is all you need to access the service. Understandably, though, the stronger your connection, the better performance you’ll get. Furthermore, adjusting your router or playing wired will improve things further.

Once you know you have a stable connection, you’ll focus your efforts on the easy-to-use app. By installing the correct software for each device, you’ll get started at the push of a button. Generally speaking, the app and your virtual PC connect in under a minute. As such, you don’t even have time to make yourself a cup of tea. This speed thoroughly impressed me, as I expected to be bogged down with slow start-ups and a plethora of crashes. Luckily, Shadow PC overcomes this issue thanks to its USP.

What is Shadow PC’s USP?

Unlike other Cloud Gaming services, Shadow PC gives you your own virtual machine. Accordingly, you do not need to worry about sharing processing power with other gamers. Instead, you are free to enjoy gaming, creating, or work software at your own pace. Moreover, depending on which service you opt for, you’ll get a moderately powerful machine or one that’ll blow your mind.

For £32.99/month, you get:

  • CPU: Intel XEON™ 3.5 GHz (or equivalent)
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 1080 (or equivalent)
  • 12 GB RAM
  • 512 GB Storage

Alternatively, for £49.98/month, you get:

  • CPU: AMD EPYC 7543P from 2.8 to 3.7GHz 8 vCores (or equivalent)
  • GPU: GeForce RTX 3070 (or equivalent)
  • 28 GB RAM
  • 512 GB Storage

This ridiculously powerful virtual rig will handle practically any job you throw at it. As such, there is plenty of scope to work, game, or create to your heart’s content. What’s more, it has enough processing power and RAM to tackle multiple tasks with ease. Yet, you must remember that you’ll need a reasonable connection to enjoy the most stable performance.

How does it perform away from a PC or laptop?

I tested this on multiple devices as luckily; I have a few lying around. No matter which I chose, the app was stable, and the transition was seamless. Word of warning, though, make sure to log out from any previous device, as you can only access your account from one place at any time.

What impressed me the most was how quickly the app recognised any USB or Bluetooth devices. Yes, there are some snags with non-official controllers, but there is a detailed list of compatible accessories to check before you commit. Once you have your setup complete, you’ll enjoy a traditional PC on your TV, mobile phone, and Steam Deck. The latter option required some tweaking, but once you understood the finer points, you were firing on all cylinders.

Is Shadow PC worth it?

There is no denying it, Shadow PC is expensive. Yet, when you compare it to any other Cloud Gaming service, it blows its peers out of the water. Yes, you are not getting a massive preloaded gaming library at your disposal. Instead, you are getting a beastly virtual rig that is capable of mighty impressive feats. Furthermore, you get all of this power in the palm of your hand or on your Smart TV. Therefore, I genuinely couldn’t get away from how amazing that was.

The freedom to access a top-of-the-range PC from any device in any location was mind-blowing. Alongside this, the sheer pace of the start-up, and the incredible 1Gbps download speed of your Cloud PC were mind-boggling. If you then consider the recommended upload and download speed of your connection, you get a stable computer that many people can run.

Though the meaty price point will put many people off, you can’t look past its mighty impressive specs. Consequently, if you want a virtual solution for work, gaming, or creating, then I recommend that you sign up here!

(More information on Shadow can be found here!)

Shadow PC is awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.
Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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