ReviewsReview: MOGA XP-Ultra controller

Review: MOGA XP-Ultra controller


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The MOGA XP-Ultra controller has broken the mould! Why? It is the first licensed wireless controller for the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. Now, this may not sound like a big deal, but it is. No longer will I have to trail 3 metres of cable to my Xbox if I wish to use an alternative pad. Instead, I’m free to roam my living room with something other than the official Microsoft controller. Consequently, I was immediately impressed.

This unusual-looking pad may not catch your eye straight away. However, once you understand why it looks strange, you won’t mind its design quirks. Thanks to its unique modular design, this controller is versatility personified. Not only can it be connected to any compatible Windows device or Smart TV, but it is also suitable for Cloud Gaming. Accordingly, it is the perfect companion for Xbox Game Pass players. On top of this, the hand grips can be removed to create a compact controller that is perfect for smaller hands. As such, this exciting new product will interest a wide range of gamers.

What’s in the box of The MOGA XP-Ultra controller?

  • The packaging is professional and screams to be opened. With eye-catching imagery and a stunning faux-carbon finish, it looks incredible. Moreover, the contents are well-packaged and every element can be recycled.
  • The MOGA XP-Ultra controller looks amazing but slightly unusual. The modular design takes a bit of getting used to and the button layout is slightly different. Additionally, there are two mappable buttons on the rear. Alongside this, there is a battery indicator to ensure you don’t run out of juice.
  • A mobile phone clip makes this perfect for Cloud Gaming. The reinforced design and spring-loaded clip ensure this is compatible with most modern phones.
  • Get to know the basics with a straightforward guide.
  • A lengthy braided USB-C charing cable.
  • 1 month of Game Pass. Try Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 1 month at no additional cost.

Technical aspects.

A controller is a controller, right? Wrong! Getting the right device for your setup is essential if you want the best experience. Luckily, PowerA and MOGA do some incredible controllers, but this is by far their best one yet. The ability to use this pad wirelessly is a game-changer. On top of this, the modular design makes it unbelievably versatile and great if you have younger gamers in your house.

Every element of the MOGA XP-Ultra controller was easy to understand and nothing felt alien. Though the button placement was slightly off, a small adjustment was required to get back on track. However, this minor setback was worth the effort. Thankfully, every layer of this pad has been created with gamers in mind. Whether it is the adaptive rumble motors, the high-capacity 2000mAh battery, the impulse triggers, or the compatibility settings, this will impress you.

Alongside this, you’ll be up and running in no time. The wireless connection is completed at the press of a button. After this, it is plain sailing. However, if you wish to use your Bluetooth, a separate button ensures that this is a painless experience as well.

Transformers: Controller in disguise.

I’ve never seen a controller as versatile as this one. Its modular design is so easy to mix up and change that you can move from Xbox to PC to mobile gaming in moments. This smooth and effortless design will impress the most hardened of gamers. If you wish to Cloud Game, you simply connect the mobile phone clip and slide your device into the padded but secure spring-loaded jaws. From here, you connect via Bluetooth and away you go.

Alternatively, you can sit back and enjoy a traditional setup. By pressing the Xbox button, the device will connect to your Xbox and away you go. From here, you use the device like an official controller and there were no input errors or latency issues to report. The same experience was enjoyed when playing on my Smart TV and my laptop. Each time I connected the accessory, I had a trouble-free experience that left me extremely impressed.

The compact design once the grip was removed was unbelievably good. This impressive design choice finally enables younger gamers to have a quality controller with all the bells and whistles. Previously, child-friendly controllers have been somewhat understated and lacking in features. However, The MOGA XP-Ultra controller delivers quality at every turn.

An immersive experience with a competitive edge.

The amazing magnetic impulse triggers and the adaptive rumble motors create an immersive experience. I adored the realistic feedback via each trigger point and every rumble motor. Moreover, the comfortable and tactile grips ensure that this is great for long and short gaming sessions. However, the compact design has no rubberised finish and this may be an unfortunate oversight. It would have been nice to have a form of textured grip by the rear buttons for added comfort.

Talking of the rear buttons, these mappable inputs give you a competitive edge. Like the Elite controller, these buttons can be changed on the fly and this makes a massive difference. Whether you are trying to “no-scope” an enemy or complete a speedrun, these additional inputs make a massive difference.

Is the MOGA XP-Ultra controller worth it?

The official Microsoft controllers have ruled the roost forever. However, the MOGA-XP Ultra controller gives it a run for its money. Thanks to the excellent build quality and its versatility, it is an amazing option. Furthermore, the compact mode is great for younger players and the game clip makes this an awesome Cloud Gaming tool. On top of this, the mappable buttons give you a competitive edge and the impulse triggers make for an immersive experience. Accordingly, I loved this controller and I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on MOGA and PowerA can be found here!)

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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