Recreating History

Here is the original famous picture, Chris Curry and the original team from Acorn Computers show off the Acorn Atom – the precursor to the BBC Micro computer.


And here is the recreation 30 years later. Stephen Furber (far left) stood in for David Johnson-Davies.

CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 202

And here is the BBC version used in Micro Men:

Micro Men version

And the people involved in the BBC Micro project.

CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 213

Props from Micro Men

Upstairs was a small display of props that were used in the BBC production Micro Men. These props included scripts, photos, computers and even a copy of Computer Weekly!

CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 340CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 341CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 342CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 343CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 345CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 346CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 347CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 348CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 344

The End of a Great Day

This has to have been one of the most enjoyable days out I have had (from a geek perspective). There were lots to see and touch, and it was amazing to meet all the people behind the BBC Micro and the Computer Literacy Project.

What surprised me was just how approachable and friendly everyone was. Everyone involved took the time to speak to you and it felt like you had known them for years.


I honestly believe that if it had not have been for the BBC Micro initially getting me interesting in computers and computing, I don’t think I would be doing what I do now!

So thank you again to Jason Fitzpatrick, Simon Hewitt and the Centre for Computing History for putting on such a great event. I really look forward to seeing them in their new home in Cambridge soon.

And thank you again to all the people who signed my Beeb @ 30 event program.

CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event programme

I’m off to play with my BBC Micro B and reminisce about my childhood.

Did you have a BBC Micro when you were younger or do you have any memories you wish to share? Let us know.