A once in a lifetime day at ARM celebrating the Beeb@30

The Acorn BBC Micro turned 30 and to celebrate it the Centre for Computing History organised a once in a lifetime event that included the original people behind the BBC Micro.

Raspberry Pi Compliance Update from Farnell UK

Yesterday we told you about the CE issue around the Raspberry Pi boards – this morning I received an update from Farnell UK on the situation.

Possible delays for Raspberry Pi due to CE compliance

Even though the first 1,950 Raspberry Pi’s are now in the UK, it looks like they can’t be distributed because of a CE compliance issue!

Raspberry Pi running elkulator Acorn Electron emulator

Raspberry Pi is hotting up and now there is a video of an Acorn Electron emulator running on one. The video was posted by ukscone....

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An excellent alternative WWII tale.

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