Raspberry Pi

One of the tables that got a significant amount of interest was the one with the working Raspberry Pi on it.

CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 035

This was Pi number 7 and belongs on the Centre for Computing History.

CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 037

Various demo’s were on display throughout the day, including a live Twitter stream via Midori showing tweets relating to the event. Here is a picture of that stream with one of my tweets about the Raspberry Pi being on display at the top. It was one of those slightly surreal moment.s

CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 232

At one point people were playing the classic ZX Spectrum game Manic Minor via a port of the Spectrum emulator FUSE.

CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 404

After lunch, Eben Upton from the Raspberry Pi Foundation took to the stage and gave a very interesting talk about his background, and obviously a lot of information on the Pi.

CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 334

There we some really nice anecdotes including Eben saying that the Raspberri Pi model A and B were in honour of the BBC Micro models.

Check out A Slice of Raspberry Pi at Beeb@30 post from earlier in the week

Cutting the Cake

There was a beautiful birthday cake in the shape of a BBC Micro (in fact there were multiple cakes as I don’t think all the people there would have been able to share just one cake) made lovingly by Elizabeth Morgan.

CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 090CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 092CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 093CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 095

And here is Sophie cutting the cake:

CDW - The Beeb @ 30 Event 322

We did all get a bit – and it tasted every bit as nice as it looked! Nom, nom, nom.