Review: Data East Hits Pixel Player

If you are a retro gaming fan you might be interested in reading our review of the Data East Hits Pixel Player.

Review: Orb Gaming Retro Handheld Console

It's time for our review of the Orb Gaming Retro Handheld Console.

Xbox Announced today at gamescom: Forza Horizon 4, PUBG, State of Decay 2, and More

Today, via a special episode of Inside Xbox broadcast directly from our booth at Gamescom, Xbox fans in Germany and around the world a...

Review: HyperX CLOUD Alpha Pro Gaming Headset

It's time for our review of the HyperX CLOUD Alpha Pro Gaming Headset.

Microsoft Doubles its Game Development Studios and Showcases More Than 50 Games on E3 Stage Including 18 Console Launch Exclusives and 15 World Premieres

Sunday’s Xbox E3 Briefing was the largest in Microsoft Corp.’s history with more than 6,000 people, including more than 1,000 fans, invited to attend...

Forget Emulation, Play Genuine NES, SNES and MegaDrive Cartridges in HD

Retro-Bit announced today. the first to be released is the Super Retro Trio Plus, a compact console capable of playing original NES, SNES and Megadrive...

Xbox One X officially launches in the UK so I went to my local Game store

With the launch of the new console from Microsoft the Xbox One X out today, I was lucky to go to my local Game...

Win another Sennheiser’s PC 373D Gaming Headset

It's competition time again, and this time we are offering another lucky winner the chance to own a Sennheiser’s PC 373D Gaming Headset worth over £200!

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Review: GrimGrimoire OnceMore

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5nQHjCSV28 Perhaps a testament to how much video games have changed since 2007, when GrimGrimoire was first released for the PlayStation 2, the remaster smacks...

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