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HomeServerSync Add-In for Windows Home Server Pricing Revealed


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Today we are finally able to reveal the pricing for Tranquil PC’s HomeServerSync Add-In for Windows Home Server.

We have talked a lot about this forthcoming add-in from Tranquil over the last few weeks:

HomeServerSync Add In for Windows Home Server from Tranquil PC

Exclusive First Look at the HomeServerSync Add-In from Tranquil PC

HomeServerSync Website Now Live

And as we have hinted, there were things we were sworn to secrecy about, including the pricing.

Well I am very happy that the pricing can now be revealed.

HomeServerSync – pricing is revealed below.

The brand new architecture delivers not only unique features – very secure routed network paths, real time synchronisation, RAID protected off site backups etc – but also exciting ‘remote’ user features to keep multi-user family / small business user data up to date, all of the time.

The HomeServerSync Suite :

10x client licences for Secure Synchronisation from/to Home Server unit (local or remote)
10x client licences to access WHS functions – console/backups/shares (remote)
1x  WHS console application licence (management/sync/backup control)
1x  100GB off site backup facility
1x  User web portal for access/control

The annual subscription for the HomeServerSync package will be £139.00 / annum.

How does this compare (WHS applications only, with similar storage / feature sets)

WHS Appn Backup Sync Multi Sync WHS Console WHS folders Bulk Transfers £/year £ Lic’
Cloudberry Y N N N N N £132 £20
K’Vault pro Y Y N N N N £309 £0
HSS Y Y Y Y Y Y £139 £0

Notes – all costs based on approx 60-80GB of off site storage uploaded and then incrementally increased by approx 5GB / month in first year.  Comparison products reviewed @ exchange rate @ 1.5 USD/UKP.

E.OE   HomeServerSync price includes VAT (Ex VAT = £118.30)

Additional blocks of 100GB (off site backup) are available @ £59.00 (incl VAT) / annum.
The costs for initial bulk upload / download (1TB max) are £49.00 (incl VAT) / transaction.

Discounted pre-launch orders (£79+VAT) are being considered – if you would like to learn more – please let Tranquil know (Tranquil will provide the T&C’s of any discounted pre-order)

So what do you think? Is this something you are interested in?

Expect a full review of the add-in and the service soon, which is officially available in July.

UPDATE: When you take out your subscription, use the Promo code U098 and instead of getting a 12 month subscription, you will get an extra 100 days free! So you will get 15 months for the price of 12 – now that is a good deal! See here for details.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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  1. Yes, VERY interested. If they have a pre-launch order setup I'm ready. I have been waiting for a product like this. Thanks Tranquil!

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