Tranquil PC have started dropping hints about a new add-in for Windows Home Server called HomeServerSync.

Here is what Tranquil has to say:

Coming in July 2010, the HomeServerSync Add In for Windows Home Server

This unique service will enable a number of valuable extensions to all Windows Home Server owners.  Think of :

  • Off-site Home Server backup
  • Remote Home Server Console access
  • Document / Folder Sync (multiple) anywhere
  • Personal cloud storage services

More news coming soon…

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I’m sworn to secrecy at this point, but what I can say is that I think you will be impressed and I know it’s something I am really looking forward to using!

More information soon when I am allowed to speak 🙂

UPDATE: When you take out your subscription, use the Promo code U098 and instead of getting a 12 month subscription, you will get an extra 100 days free! So you will get 15 months for the price of 12 – now that is a good deal! See here for details.