TechMicrosoftFirst Picture of SiliconDusts New 3-Tuner CableCard Product

First Picture of SiliconDusts New 3-Tuner CableCard Product


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SiliconDust have released a picture of their new 3-Tuner Network Attached – M-Card Ready – CableCard Product.

Tim and I are both big fans of SiliconDusts products, in fact the SiliconDust HD HomeRun won the 2009 UWHS Readers Award for Best Media Device.

Well today SiliconDust have released a picture of their brand new 3-tuner network attached CableCard product.

SiliconDust 3 Card Tuner

And apparently there is a beta starting next week. Unfortunately being in the UK rules me out completely, but hopefully we can get Tim on it, as I know he is very excited about it Smile

To learn more about SiliconDust and it’s products, click here:

And here is a video Tim did at CES of the dual tuner: CES 2010 – Video of the HDHomeRun CableCARD tuner

More news when we get it – so stay tuned!

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  1. I will take three tuners with different channels any day. If I add the new one with my two dual tuners I already have I will have 7 tuners and be able to record everything I want at any time. I think I need to upgrade my WHS drives now…

  2. Tim WMC7 is limited to four tuners in use at one time. Some OEM keys allow for the use of six tuners at one time. If you have two PCs you could use all seven tuners but that is where this CableCard restriction comes into play. Once the CC tuner is in use by one PC the rest of the tuners on that card/box are not available to be used by the other PC. Of course that doesn

    • WMC could originally run four tuners of each type actually…

      Currently I have four SD HomeRun tuners (a fifth is the ATI CC tuner) that feed my six Windows 7 machines in the house. What I understand from Nick (SD Employee) in the SD forum is that I can share the SD CC tuners with multiple PCs as long as I do not watch the same channel. This means I can record my three Thursday night TV shows OTA on the garage PC while I can watch CC TV on my PC and have my wife watching another CC show on another PC. I could actually then record a third CC show any of our PCs.

      The question now is the writing of the standard and the number of tuning adapters I will need. Again, the four tuners I run now work great and I hope the CC tuner acts the same way. I am also aware of the Copy Protection locks but as long as the shows are recorded on the TV that I plan on watching them on I should be fine. I can also use my 360 as an extender should I choose to just record on one PC with the CC tuner.

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