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First Picture of SiliconDusts New 3-Tuner CableCard Product

SiliconDust have released a picture of their new 3-Tuner Network Attached - M-Card Ready - CableCard Product.

Monday Morning Media – Five Views from Windows Media Center 02-28-10

This weekly post is five screen shots of Windows Media Center with a CableCARD tuner to get you excited about Windows Media Center and Windows Home Server.

February 2010 Cumulative Update for Windows Media Center for Windows 7

If you are running Windows Media Center on Windows 7, then Microsoft released a cumulative update this month that you will want to have.

Windows Media Center – Ceton Prime Part Two (Motherboard, CPU and Cooling Fan)

This is the second of five articles about my Windows Media Center build in anticipation of the new Ceton CableCARD tuner release. Tonight I will be discussing the motherboard, CPU and cooling fan that will be installed into the Alienware P2 Chassis.

Reviewing CableCARD™ Recorded TV in Windows Media Center on a Friday night

This has been my first full week with my new CableCARD ATI Digital Cable Tuner and I will explain how the unit is working with Windows Media Center 7. In addition, I will attempt to briefly explain how Copy Protection works and my next step in addressing Switched Digital Video. UPDATE: The video is now working!

Installing a CableCARD™ Digital Cable Tuner with the new Digital Cable Advisor on a Friday night

This Friday Microsoft opened up a whole new world of media by enabling the Digital Cable Advisor in Windows Media Center. Running this tool will allow your system to be tested to accept and work with CableCard™ Digital Cable Tuners. No more hacks or copied PIDs. No more searching for OCUR compliant computers. Thank you Microsoft.

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