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Installing the HP MediaSmart / DataVault 3.0 Patch 2 on a Windows Home Server


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A few days ago we reported that HP had released an update patch on their website for owners of the HP MediaSmart and DataVault Windows Home Servers.

That patch is now available to download and install from the Windows Home Server console.

According to the little information that comes with this update, it includes the following:

“this update will reduce CPU load when the media streamer is scanning for media and includes several improvements for the Mac backup feature”

So, you need to be running the 3.0 software before you can run this update patch. To learn more about the 3.0 software update and how to order it, click here.

To install it, go into your Windows Home Server Console, and click Settings, and find the HP update area.

As you can see below, I was running the Patch 1 update.

06-03-2010 07-50-23

I clicked on Check for updates

06-03-2010 07-50-32

The update was found.

06-03-2010 07-51-31

At the same time I received a notification that there were software updates available.

06-03-2010 07-51-42

The update continued to download.

06-03-2010 07-52-49

It’s now ready to install.

06-03-2010 07-59-27

06-03-2010 07-59-37

And it successfully installed.

06-03-2010 07-59-46

As you can see, I now have the new update installed.

06-03-2010 08-00-58

And that was it – I didn’t even need to do a reboot of the server (although I did just to be safe). The whole process only took a few minutes, the update itself is around 33 MB and I’m now fully up to date.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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