TechSoftwareUpdate for HP MediaSmart Server / Data Vault 3.0

Update for HP MediaSmart Server / Data Vault 3.0


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HP appears to have released an update for the HP MediaSmart servers, including the DataVault. This update is for anyone running the 3.0 software only.

This is also a download only update at the moment, although this may change so keep pressing your update button.

HP Update 03010

HP hasn’t released any information on what the update contains, but given all the press recently about the TwonkyMedia fix, it is likely to contain that (in fact it does, see below).

Alex over posted this last night:

Nigel “Cougar” Wilks and I have spent some time digging into the installer package, and discovered that the only changes included are the 5.1.1 version of the Twonky Media Streamer that is already included in the 3.0 software update for the previous generation servers, and new client software for Mac users. There are no changes to the HP code that runs on the server, and several known bugs with 3.0 patch 1 remain unresolved, such as broken help links, the broken image on the Remote Access Home Page, and various other issues we’ve documented in the forums.

Here’s the official wording from the DataVault download page.

This update will reduce CPU load when the media streamer is scanning for media and includes several improvements for the Mac backup feature.

The update is not yet coming down through the HP Software Update built in to the MediaSmart Server or Data Vault even when a manual update check is performed, however it is possible to manually install the package via the Software Update tab of the Home Server Console.

Note: I’ll recommend that most users wait for the automatic update to come down from HP. For those of you tinkerers that are interested in trying the new patch, here’s how to get it installed on your server.

To download the update, click here:

Thanks to for the additional info.

I will be installing this later today and will report back on any changes and also when HP include it automatically.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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  1. I installed it as recommended for my EX490 through the Console using the HP update tab. I selected the file I downloaded into the Software folder, but it just kept churning. So I killed that and RDP'd into the server, checked that the file was UNLOCKed and installed it that way. Then I went back to the HP tab to see if it displayed the correct version, it did. So far I haven't done any testing. I'm looking forward to your review, Andrew. 🙂

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