Review: Life is Strange Episodes 1-5

Life certainly can be strange but I can guarantee you Max has more to deal with than you do.

Review: Wasteland 2

A post-apocalyptic RPG sequel to a 26 year old game. Classic RPG fun inbound with Wasteland 2.

Xbox Ultimate Game Sale (Day 6) From Fallout 3 to Orange Box (late deals)

Today Xbox Ultimate Game Sale Day 6 is the Following, as Day 6 was out late from Microsoft, Day 6 Deals will get a extra 24 hours so you can get them

Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale Starts Today (Day 2)

Day 2 of Ultimate Game Sale 1-Day Offers, Today is Assassin's Creed Day.

Samsung Announces new GALAXY Tab 2 Tablets at MCW 2012

Samsung introduces its first line-up of tablets for 2012 with the launch of the GALAXY Tab 2 series, expanding the choice of tablets to...

DVBLogic Version 3.2 Suite Out Now

So only 3 days since the release of RC3, DVBLogic have just released the proper final release of Version 3.2 of their software.

DVBLogic Version 3.2 Suite RC3 Out Now

So just in time for the weekend, and only a few days since RC2 was released, DVBLogic have just released RC3 of Version 3.2 of their software.

DVBLogic Version 3.2 Suite RC2 Out Now

Today DVBLogic have released their DVBLogic version 3.2 suite at RC (Release Candidate) 2. Download it now before they release another update.

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