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HP MediaSmart Server 3.0 Update for Windows Home Server Now Shipping


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Further to our post earlier in the week, HP are now shipping the MediaSmart Server 3.0 Update.

We have had a lot of emails asking when it was coming and what was the correct link, so now you know its out and the links are shown below:

hp mediasmart server ex47x series 3.0 software upgrade

hp mediasmart server ex48x series 3.0 software upgrade

As we reported earlier in the week as well, if you are based in the UK, you can order your ex47x series update from one of HP’s Partners for £10 including shipping:

We have also had a lot of questions from readers who imported their MediaSmart servers – in your case you will have to order your update from the US and have it shipped to you as HP wont be offering the upgrade in your country for a server they didn’t sell there. This is a bit of a shame as HP know how many people had no choice but to import just so they could get them!

So, what are you waiting for? Go order yours and let us know how you get on.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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  1. I have ordered a EX48x upgrade on the WEB site, and tried to order an EX47x upgrade. The problem, in my case, is that the credit card authorization wants you to sent the upgrade to the same address as the credit card billing. Fine for the EX48x, but not for the EX47x. I tried to go through the store on the phone, but they don't have a way to get to the order page. Detail details details!

    • Bill

      I have put the question to HP and I await an answer. As soon as I have one I will come back to you.


  2. Re ordering from countries where the EX47x or EX48x series were not released – I think there could be a big problem there. I tried ordering today on the US site and it will only ship to the US or Canada – and even if you want to ship it to a US address it wont let you pay with a non US credit card. So I can't see how you order from overseas…you need to get a friend in one of the authorised countries to order it for you by the look of it!

    • Bodog – yeah, looks that way.

      I have put the question to HP and I await an answer. As soon as I have one I will come back to you.


  3. Any idea why the cost for Canada is $56.78 + tax? A 100 percent markup is signifcant and it certainly is not the difference in the dollar.

    • Hi Gerry

      As I understand it, the updates are sold by HP partners and as such they are free to charge whatever they like, and I think in this case they have also chosen a really expensive shipping option!

      Really not fair!


      • There is no way the shipping justifies the cost difference. The announcement by HP was 25 $ or 25 Euro and Canadians are getting the raw end of the stick!

        • Yep, you are correct, its apalling!

          HP say it is the courier they use – I say give people the option to download it and burn their own disks then!


  4. Crossing the border! I bought my server in Canada but noticed that HP Canada is charging exactly twice as much as HP USA! If I order the disk from HP USA (for delivery there) does anyone know if it will update my Canadian machine without incident?

  5. Wondering if someone can help me out…. I called up HP and they don't sell the 3.0 upgrade anymore. Does anyone know where else I could get the software at?

    • I was hoping to upgrade too. now that drive extender is out of vail, there is no reason to wait for that. Now I can't upgrade and I wont be able to duplicate files. Indeed this is a sad day for WHS.

  6. I just tried to order the v 3.0 upgrade for my ex475. When I clicked the link above the HP site said “Invalid product”. is this upgrade still available?

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