Tonight I was greeted by my Home Server announcing that it had a critical update that just *had* to be installed. I wasn’t happy with clicking the Install Updates button in the Home Network Health dialog so I logged into my Home Server via Remote Desktop and had a look for the Windows Update icon to see what it so urgently needed to install.

Critical Update from Microsoft

Turns out it was Internet Explorer 8, not exactly a critical update in my opinion after all I don’t use the internet from my Home Server. Still I can understand why they’d want to force the update onto users, that way installations of IE6 and IE7 would be lowered and critical updates that people haven’t installed would most likely get installed as part of IE8.

Still I’m not exactly happy to install an internet browser on a server appliance, it’s just not something you do from servers. Here’s hoping that the next version of Windows Home Server is like the Core Version of Windows 2008 Server….


Installation was painless with just a couple of questions (no I don’t want to participate in the gathering of installation ‘metrics’ and yes you SHOULD install updates) and about three minutes later installation is complete and I find that a reboot is required. And I mean required, Windows will prompt you to reboot after the update installs and will continue to do so until you do.

Reboot and then all is well, Network Health upgraded from the Red Critical that not having installed the update gives and all is well once more. I can safety NOT browse the internet from my Home Server, safe in the knowledge that Internet Explorer 8 is installed and protecting me from all the things on the internet that my Home Server NEVER sees…. sarcasm in that last line, NEVER!


I can understand the forcing of the installation but it still doesn’t mean I like being forced to upgrade a component on a server that I believe shouldn’t exist in the first place. But enough of my bitching, then again I’m not the only one. Check out the following links for more information on this update, should you so wish, but remember to install it there *ARE* security updates to core components of your Home Server that will, hopefully, prevent you being exploited and ‘zombified’ in the future:

Microsoft to require opt-in for installing IE8

Is IE8 worth installing



How to keep IE8 off of your computer


As reported by several people as well as the authors own investigation it is correct that this “Critical Update” indeed does break the Advanced Admin Console add-in. Until this issue is resolved it is recommended that you either remove the Advanced Admin Console add-in or do not install the update until this issue is resolved.

If you do choose not to install the update Using Windows Home Server cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from not having the update installed.