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Windows Live Mesh 2011 now with Remote Desktop – Video Edition

Did you know that you can use Remote Access on Windows 7 Home Premium PCs through Windows Live Mesh 2011? Yes, you can now use Live Mesh for Remote Access! Read on to find out more about Live Mesh 2011 and see a short video!

Tech Tips on a Tuesday – How to Restart your Windows Home Server over Remote Desktop

I am on vacation and my Windows Home Server Console stopped responding. I can still upload, download and stream but the console screen (after login) is just gray and blue. Something is borked so what do I do? If I could get to the WHS Console I would just use the Restart button. Ugh. Restarting WHS should fix it, but how?

Critical Update turns out to be Internet Explorer 8 for Windows Home Server

Tonight I was greeted by my Home Server announcing that it had a critical update that just *had* to be installed. I wasn’t happy with clicking the Install Updates button in the Home Network Health dialog so I logged into my Home Server via Remote Desktop and had a look for the Windows Update icon to see what it so urgently needed to install.

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