TwonkyManager 2.0.2 New Beta is Now Available

Twonky have released a new TwonkyManager 2.0.2 beta which you can try now.

TwonkyServer and the New Xbox 360 Slim Video

Would you like to see TwonkyServer being used with a new Xbox 360 Slim? Then we have a video to show you.

Twonky Release TwonkyBeam 1.2 Beta 1

Twonky have just released beta 1 of TwonkyBeam 1.2. Want to try it?

Twonky Release TwonkyServer Version 6

This week after months of beta releases, Twonky released TwonkyServer version 6.

Troubleshooting TwonkyMedia – How To Fix Twonky Issues in 3.0 Patch 2

I had the honor of being able to put together an impromptu instructional video with Alex Kuretz of MediaSmartServer.net and John “Diehard” Zajdler of the Home Server Show. Check out this three part video of Alex fixing my TwonkyMedia on my HP MediaSmart Server while John and I observe and talk about the issue.

Tech Tip on a Tuesday – Turning Off Twonky

Is your HP MediaSmart Server going SLOW? Is your CPU usage at crazy high levels? Is remote access trying your patience? Maybe Twonky is the issue. You do not have to use Twonky for it to affect your Windows Home Server!

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