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Tech Tip on a Tuesday – Turning Off Twonky


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Is your HP MediaSmart Server going SLOW? Is your CPU usage at crazy high levels? Is remote access trying your patience? Maybe Twonky is the issue. You do not have to use Twonky for it to affect your Windows Home Server!

This is what my Remote Access looked like this morning with Twonky on. Really slow!

Twonky Issue

Now, I turned Twonky off when I first installed the HP 3.0 Update so it should not be slow. What happened?


Well I am going to tell you…


Microsoft issued an Update and my EX485 restarted this morning. After a HP MSS WHS restart Twonky sharing will start again making your HP MSS slow! I looked in my Update History to see if I had an update this morning.

Twonky Issue

How To Turn Off Twonky


Go to MediaSmart Server>Media Server and Click on “Stop Sharing”.

Twonky Issue

If your HP MSS immediately starts to perform better than Twonky was the issue. I went from 100% to 4% with a single click.

Twonky Issue

How To Keep Twonky Off


To avoid the Twonky service starting again AFTER a restart, disable your Twonky service on your WHS through the Services manager.

You can access the Services through Remote Desktop or the Advanced Admin Console.

Get the Advanced Admin Console at:

Twonky Issue

THANK YOU to John and Andrew for the help on this process!


Change the Twonky service from Automatic to Disabled.

Twonky Issue

Twonky will not start next time your Windows Home Server restarts. To restart the service just change it back to automatic.

Twonky Issue

See you next Tuesday,


Timothy Daleo
Timothy Daleo
Timothy Daleo is a Project Resource Analyst and Oracle Applications Trainer in Pasadena, California. In addition to financial analysis, Tim has been developing training materials since 2003 and supporting direct projects through various auxiliary databases since 2005.


  1. Which Microsoft update is causing the conflict? Anyone figured this out yet? Couldn't we just use choose which updates to install and toss the 1 or 2 updates for the time being that is causing the conflict until the problem is resolved?


  2. The conflict was not with the update last night. The conflict is with some HP MSS and Twonky. If you are not having an issue with Twonky then this article does not apply.

  3. I've had Twonky disabled for so long now… It was always slow, could never make good use of it on my EX495, which is a disappointment because that's one of the features I was most looking forward to before I got the server when it came out.

    So whenever I need to show a video or a picture/slide on the go I have to go to the folder and download it.

    I hope they fix it though.

    By the way, with Twonky on, both my CPUs were at 100% and +90%. With Twonky off, it's about 2-4% and 0-2% idle. What a difference.

  4. Thanks! I have had nothing but problems with my EX475 after upgrading and transfering my data back to the server. Yep.. It was Twonky.. Turned it off and everything works great now!

  5. I tried both, disabling twonky and the high-cpu fix but it just does not work. The 3.0 software is very sluggish and slow. Can someone confirm that 3.0 is faster than the 2.0/1.3 software?

    • Your software, after the 3.0 upgrade and updates, should be running at dated 2/3/2010. Which HP model are you running? You already upgraded to 2GB of memory, yes?

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