TechTwonkyServer and the New Xbox 360 Slim Video

TwonkyServer and the New Xbox 360 Slim Video


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Would you like to see TwonkyServer being used with a new Xbox 360 Slim? Then we have a video to show you.

Here is how Twonky describe TwonkyServer:

Is your Playstation® 3 connected to your home network? Do you have a digital photo frame with a wireless Internet connection, or what about an Internet radio? Provide your favorite devices with that missing link to your computer’s music, video and photo collections. Download the popular, powerful TwonkyServer and truly experience the connected home.

TwonkyServer makes it possible for your devices to retrieve your media files from wherever they’re stored. Using your device’s remote and menu system, view your computer’s media library, or an online media feed, and just press play.

TwonkyServer is available for Windows®, Mac® and Linux, so it will work for any connected home.
We even offer a mobile version of our server. Currently available free in the Android™ app store, TwonkyServer Mobile lets you serve music, photos or video from your phone to devices all around the home.

The video shows a Qnap ts-439 server running TwonkyServer and a new Xbox 360 Slim – and it has some funky music as well. You will see how easy it is to use TwonkyServer to stream to your devices.

Credit for the video goes to TubeYou70. Now if we could convince him to replace his Qnap ts-439 with a Windows Home Server……

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