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Twonky Release TwonkyBeam 1.2 Beta 1


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Twonky have just released beta 1 of TwonkyBeam 1.2. Want to try it?


What is TwonkyBeam you might ask?

TwonkyBeam™ is a free add-on for Internet Explorer® or Firefox® that lets you stream music, videos or photos from countless websites to your networked devices. Send photos from Flickr®, Facebook® and many other popular photo sites directly to your networked TV. Search for Internet videos on favorite sites like YouTube™ and stream them to your networked TV, or play songs from leading music sites like™ on your networked stereo.

Beaming is as easy as right-clicking on the file you want to enjoy. In full view, TwonkyBeam shows all of the available media on a web page in an unobtrusive window to the side of your browser, so you can also stream from the list or play an entire page’s media.

What’s New in TwonkyBeam 1.2 Beta 1?

New Features
– Playlist sharing – Music, photo and video playlists can now be accessed and played by UPnP and DLNA-certified devices like the Sony PS3.
Note: This feature still needs additional testing. Some devices have problems with playlists containing URLs. Also, your device must be capable of playing the media you are streaming, or you will get an error message.
– Video playlist streaming – Video playlists can be streamed to supported devices like DLNA-certified TVs and TwonkyManager.
– Auto filtering of unplayable videos – There is now a setting that automatically removes most unplayable YouTube videos from the Media List. Added a new setting that filters all unplayable YouTube videos from the media list. This setting is enabled by default.
– Faster switching between videos – The Play button now appears much faster after stopping a YouTube video. This allows you to move from one YouTube video to another much faster than before.
– Improved right-click beaming – All YouTube videos which appear in the Media List can be beamed by right clicking on their link and selecting ‘TwonkyBeam to’.
– Manual icon assignment – Although TwonkyBeam automatically assigns icons to all supported devices on your network, you can now change any icon by simply right clicking on it, and selecting System Properties. Almost forty device icons are now available.
– Next/Previous support – The skip keys now work for any TwonkyBeam playlist or queue. Before, the Next button was grayed out. A queue is created when you play multiple media items in a media list.
– Installer improvements – The TwonkyBeam installer now asks if you want to close Firefox when installing on a Mac.
– New media feed support – We recently added more than ten new links to our Sites page. The new sites include YouTube’s home page, HD Nation, Tekzilla, Revision 3 and four new photo sites.
– New device support – Added support for the following new devices: Xbox 360 (running in Media Center Extender mode), WD TV Live and the Sonos S5 speaker.
– Improved icon assignments – Fixed several problems with device icon assignments including the following:
1. All PCs running TwonkyManager are now are assigned a laptop icon. Earlier, they were assigned a generic TV icon. Of course, you can change this to a desktop PC icon if desired.
2. The Sonos S5 speaker is now properly identified and assigned the correct icon. Before it appeared as a Zone Player 120.
3. Added a gray outline around the icons for all Sonos ZonePlayer. The new icons only appear when non playable media is detected, and provides more contrast against the white background.
New expiration date – To encourage all users to upgrade to the newest version, this version of TwonkyBeam will stop working on 1/31/11. After that date, go to the Settings page and click on ‘Check for Updates’. You will be taken to a page where you can download the newest version of this software.
Download links
IE (Windows) … _Setup.exe
Firefox (Windows) … _Setup.exe
Firefox (Mac) …
Please send any bug reports or feature requests to [email protected]. Thanks.

So why not give it a go and give Twonky some feedback at the same time?

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