Making your TV shows look great in Plex

Plex have just pushed out a new Local Media Agent, and as part of it has posted all about how to make your TV shows look better.

TV Downloads Now Available on the PlayStation 3

Being able to buy and download TV shows is nothing new – although it is new to PlayStation 3 owners, and now it’s here!

Apple Release AppleTV 4.3 Software

Apple have today released version 4.3 of it’s AppleTV software.

SageTV V7.0.23 Release Candidate 7 Out Now

Yes, we know that only a few days ago SageTV released V7.0.22 RC 6 and said it would be the last one, but it wasn’t and so here is V7.0.23 RC 7.

SageTV V7.0.22 Release Candidate 6 Out Now

SageTV V7.0.22 Release Candidate 6 is now out – and according to Sage this should be the last one before the final release.

SageTV V7.0.19/20 Release Candidate 3/4 Out Now

Release Candidate 3/4 for SageTV V7.0.19/20 is out now – are you going to test it? If the numbering looks a little confusing, read on.

SageTV V7.0.17 Release Candidate 1 Out Now

Release Candidate 1 for SageTV V7.0.17 is out now – are you going to test it?

Hulu Plus Preview Arrives

If you are in the US you can take advantage of the new Hulu Plus Preview.

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