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SageTV V7.0.19/20 Release Candidate 3/4 Out Now


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Release Candidate 3/4 for SageTV V7.0.19/20 is out now – are you going to test it? If the numbering looks a little confusing, read on.

It seems like only yesterday that V7.0.17 was out!

So what is SageTV (in case you haven’t heard of it)?

SageTV lets you enjoy your favourite TV shows and online video when you want, wherever you want on any TV, PC or Mac!

Browse, search and watch all the latest online video from Google Video from the comfort of your couch with SageTV Media Center V6.

Enjoy the most popular online videos, news, movie trailers, TV shows, comedy, music videos and more at the push of a button on your remote control.


Here is what Sage says:

NOTE: There were a few issues found in 7.0.19 that we wanted to address right away. Against our standard policy of posting new builds on Friday, we are posting these new builds on Friday, but only because the changes are quite minor and resolve some issues people are having with what we posted yesterday. There are no known problems in the Placeshifter Client or in the Linux versions, so the new builds are only for SageTV/SageTVClient on Windows.
The issues addressed with the 7.0.20 update over 7.0.19 are:
1) Fix issue on Windows where the first recording with QAM tuning didn’t work properly
2) Fix issue with HDHomeRun where it was using excessive bandwidth
3) Fix issue where certain MPEG files consumed all the CPU during file format detection and never completed file format detection
Oh yeah…it’s (still) the Release Candidate stage. Getting close to being done with V7.0 now…estimating about 2 more weeks and then we’ll be final (yeah, I said 2 weeks last time…but more issues came up than I expected so I increased it another week). No more features will be added now, it’s purely bug fixing going on. So if you have any bugs, please report them!
All of the high-level information on V7 can be found here:
Be sure to read the above post as it contains important information regarding upgrade pricing and new features
As always, report bugs you find here:
Here’s the download links for V7.0.19/20:
SageTV for Windows
SageTVClient for Windows
SageTVPlaceshifter for Windows…_0_19Setup.exe
SageTV for Windows Home Server
SageTV Media Center for Linux
SageTV Placeshifter for Linux…_7.0.19.tar.gz
SageTV Media Center for Linux – Debian Package Installer….0.19_i386.deb
SageTV Placeshifter for Linux – Debian Package Installer….0.19_i386.deb
The release notes from version .17-.20 are below.
SageTV V7.0.20 RC4 10/8/2010
Windows Updates
1. Fix issue on Windows where the first recording with QAM tuning didn’t work properly
2. Fix issue with HDHomeRun where it was using excessive bandwidth
3. Fix issue where certain MPEG files consumed all the CPU during file format detection and never completed file format detection
SageTV V7.0.19 RC3 10/7/2010
Core Updates
1. Updated MAC address detection code to include the top 8 bits of the MAC address rather than always assuming they are zero (because they are not always zero)
2. Updated bug fix for transcoding a file and replacing the original file was not preserving auxilliary metadata that was added
3. Fixed bug related to online video playback where we wouldn’t always wait until the format was properly detected before starting playback.
4. Fixed bug in how the core determines which recordings are ‘safe’ from deletion because they were recently watched, it previously would consider any type of watched information, now it only looks at watched TV recordings.
5. Optimization SageTV does not search for external subtitle files when playing back online videos.
6. When selecting the audio/subpicture track to match the default language, don’t change the selected track if the currently selected one already matches the language.
7. Fixed bug in format detection code where it didn’t treat files that are currently downloading as being still open like it already did for files being actively recorded.
8. Fixed issue with progressive download/playback of Quicktime files that have data tracks that occur after the main movie data
9. Upddate Melboourne/Australia DVB-T frequencies
10. Fix the problem, if Mpeg2 seq extension header is after display extension header, sagetv fails mpeg2 format parsing, so that video stream is dropped, and only audio is recorded.
11. Fix: HDHomeRun signal strength bug.
Windows Updates
1. Fixed bug where we didn’t always set the QAM broadcast standard properly if the native code detected the broadcast standard as “ATSC NET”.
2. Added workaround for bug where FLV files with H264 video did not playback properly on Windows w/ our internal demux.
3. Fixed bug where the available languages would show up as nothing sometimes when switching between audio tracks with playback on Windows
4. Fixed bug where switching between windows and full-screen mode on Windows 7 with Aero active and video playing would cause the SageTV UI to go black.
5. Fixed issue with playback of some MP3 files on Windows clients where the MPEG audio data did not start right after the end of the ID3 header.
6. Fixed bug where not all BluRay PCM audio played properly
7. Fix: DTS bug that causes m2ts file with DTS sound track not playing.
8. Fix:tvType set wrong (Cable).
Extender Updates
1. Fixed bug where sometimes a media extender would randomly crash due to the asynchronous loading of background images interleaved with batched texture rendering
2. Fixed bug where resolution switching frame rate matching didn’t always work properly.
Placeshifter Updates
1. Fixed issue with placeshifter where using the “-mac” command line parameter also required specifying the target server on the command line as well.
STV Updates
1. Updated recommended extender firmware versions – HD200: 20100909 0′; HD300: ‘20101007 0’.
2. Fixed duration comparison code when getting podcast duration.
3. Skip the ‘Tuning Configuration’ step during source setup for DVB tuners and display “NA” as the ‘Cable/Antenna’ setting on Source Details.
4. Fixed issue where disabling access to online videos did not remove access to them from the Main Menu.
5. Fixed Instant Search so that it works on the Online Services navigation menus.
6. Hidden: Malore menu’s Search option jumps to last-used TV search.
7. Only call the API function to activate the Windows Always on Top setting at startup if on Windows & not using a remote client.

Are you testing the new version? Let us know what you think….

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