SageTV Acquired By Google

We have talked about SageTV in the past here at UWHS, and this morning we found out that SageTV have been acquired by Google!

SageTV Version 7 Out Now

After quite a few betas, yesterday saw the release of Version 7 of SageTV.

SageTV V7.0.23 Release Candidate 7 Out Now

Yes, we know that only a few days ago SageTV released V7.0.22 RC 6 and said it would be the last one, but it wasn’t and so here is V7.0.23 RC 7.

SageTV V7.0.22 Release Candidate 6 Out Now

SageTV V7.0.22 Release Candidate 6 is now out – and according to Sage this should be the last one before the final release.

SageTV V7.0.19/20 Release Candidate 3/4 Out Now

Release Candidate 3/4 for SageTV V7.0.19/20 is out now – are you going to test it? If the numbering looks a little confusing, read on.

SageTV V7.0.17 Release Candidate 1 Out Now

Release Candidate 1 for SageTV V7.0.17 is out now – are you going to test it?

SageTV HD Theater 300

SageTV have launched the HD Theater 300 for all of your media playback needs.

SageTV V7.0.12 Beta Released

The latest beta release of the popular SageTV application has been released.

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