P80 Add-In for Windows Home Server New Beta Build

Snowdns this week released a new beta build of the great P80 Add-In for Windows Home Server.

P80 Add-In for Windows Home Server Bug Fix Released for French and German Users

Kris has released a bug fix for the P80 add-in for Windows Home Server for French and German users.

P80 Update 2.6.6 Released for Windows Home Server

Kris has been hard at work on his award winning add-in, P80 for Windows Home Server. This new release includes a bug fix or two in it and also has some new security features that people have been asking for.

Updated Version of P80 Add-In for Windows Home Server Released

A few months ago, Fasthair did a couple of excellent articles on Kris Rodenhausen’s great add-in for Windows Home Server called P80. Last week Kris released an updated version – version 2.5.0. And today there's version 2.5.3.

P80 2.0.5 Add-In Released for Windows Home Sever

After finding a security hole in the original version of P80 and the fact the install was a bit a of work, P80 author Kris Rodenhausen went back to the coding drawing board. Several good things became of this, the least of which is a true Windows Home Server add-in.

Review of the P80 Add-in for Windows Home Server

So just what is P80 and what can it do for you? In simple terms it is a web site you view via your home page of your WHS that allows you to view various aspects of your WHS in one easy to use web page.

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