MicrosoftWindows Home ServerP80 Update 2.6.6 Released for Windows Home Server

P80 Update 2.6.6 Released for Windows Home Server


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Kris has been hard at work on his award winning add-in, P80. This new release includes a bug fix or two in it and also has some new features that people have been asking for. Here is what Kris has to say about the new release.

    Security is now in place. You can choose four options by going into the P80 tab of the WHS console.

    a. Public – Anyone can login to P80

    b. WHS Users – Users who have remote access turned on can use P80 (default and what you have been accustomed to with P80)

    c. Private – Only selected users can access P80. If they are not allowed the webpage goes nowhere if the P80 link is clicked.

    d. By Pass – Allows users to completely skip the login process of the WHS Website and use Windows Authentication instead to log into P80 via bookmark.

    If users are currently logged in and security is changed to private and they are not allowed, they will get kicked out on the next refresh of their screen

Other features in this new release.

    1. Translated into German now.

    2. P80 now looks for specific words in the descriptions, the field above the computer name for windows machines, for the computers/laptops/servers/etc on your network. P80 will then display the appropriate graphic in the summary screen for that item. Keywords: Laptop, Netbook, Server, Desktop, Workstation, Notebook. If for example you have a severs description as “HP G4 Server – Gaming”, then the server would have an icon displayed as a server in the computers section of the summary screen.

    3.Torrent Downloader – For users who have a torrent application that monitors folders on their WHS for new torrent files. Enter in the folder name in the config screen of P80 and then copy \ paste torrent URL in the torrent section of P80’s summary screen. NOTE: Torrent sites that require username/passwords do not work. This will be in the next version. Also make sure your torrent URL has .torrent at the end.


Known Issues

    1. On Japanese WHS’s a user can not select a user name to add to the P80 Private group with double byte characters until they first transfer one of single byte characters. Minor bug.

    2. Torrent Watcher does not work with sites that require user names or passwords.

I want to make a note here so people don’t go crying to Kris. IF you set P80 to Public then be aware that ANYONE on the web can get in your WHS and use AutoExit to shut down/reboot/services on any machine on your LAN! Personally I can not see why you would want to enable Public but it is a feature people asked for so Kris made it available for those users. You’ve been warned!

Kris ask me to pass along some thank you’s too. First to everyone who voted for P80 in the varies WHS web site polls. He is very humbled and thankful. Sam Wood, you are the man. Masahiko Sada, a Japanese WHS MVP for presenting P80 at conference and getting it in a Japanese magazine. Franz Post for the German translation. Wearyeyed for the idea of P80 outside of the WHS web site and this months hot tub payment.

The new release can be found here. Support forum can be found here. The P80 blog can be found here.


UPDATE (26/01/10):

Kris has released a bug fix for P80 for French/German users.

The new file is here…


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