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Updated Version of P80 Add-In for Windows Home Server Released


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A few months ago, Fasthair did a couple of excellent articles on Kris Rodenhausen’s great add-in for Windows Home Server called P80.

Last week Kris released an updated version – version 2.5.0.

I was going to do a quick post about it but didn’t get a chance until now.

It seems that there were a few problems with this version, and just to prove how hard Kris works he has been trying to solve them and has released a couple of updated versions since then – so as of today, he is at version 2.5.3.

For version 2.5.3. click here. If you have a previous version of P80, make sure you uninstall it first.

New additions and fixes for this version:

1. Cloudberry Support: You can now view your Cloudberry information on P80. In future versions you can start/stop/pause the backup plans.
2. Languages: P80 now supports Japanese and French!
3. Memory on WHS: P80 now displays the current free memory on your WHS
4. Installer Fix: No matter what port/header/ip you use for your default website, P80 will now install
5. Fixes in regards to the refresh checkbox reporting errors
6. Removal of P80 link from WHS Website on uninstall of P80
7. New P80 Logo! Thanks to the team at Cloudberry for designing this for me for FREE! You guys rock!
8. Alerts on certain actions on the summary page will now display on the top of the page
9. New User Interface design. This new design is not so “scrunched” and is easier on the eyes. Thanks goes to Will (Wriker).
10. P80 Service Images share deleted. You can now find the images at \\yourserver\Software\P80 Service Images. No “ugly” share anymore…

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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