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Using a Windows 7 Desktop To Restore a Windows 7 Desktop With Client Restore Wizard… Again

To some this type of Restore isn’t anything new while others have never heard of it. I was in the last camp until one day last year I was just reading the Microsoft Windows Home Server forums.

P80 Update 2.6.6 Released for Windows Home Server

Kris has been hard at work on his award winning add-in, P80 for Windows Home Server. This new release includes a bug fix or two in it and also has some new security features that people have been asking for.

Logitech Harmony 700 Remote Control User Review

I had been wanting a universal remote control for sometime. While I know there are many out now that can do some if not all of these things the Logitech Harmony 700 fit my budget and all of the things on my short list were checked.

Problems Transcoding Recorded HDTV and Window 7 Media Center TV Archive

I have noticed a issue people (Timothy?) are reporting when using Media Center to trans code recorded HDTV on the fly to Windows Home Server. I have a solution you might want to try....

Restoring A Different Image from Windows Home Server

A friend of mine bought a new laptop that had Vista installed on it. Being the adventures type I installed it on my WHS and backed up the fresh load of Vista and promptly formatted the hard drive and installed Windows 7 RC on it.

Windows 7 Upgrade and WHS

Over the past few days I’ve updated three PCs to Windows 7 Pro 64bit. Windows 7 rocks so say goodbye XP and Vista. But what does this have to do with Windows Home Server? Everything.

P80 2.0.5 Add-In Released for Windows Home Sever

After finding a security hole in the original version of P80 and the fact the install was a bit a of work, P80 author Kris Rodenhausen went back to the coding drawing board. Several good things became of this, the least of which is a true Windows Home Server add-in.

Review of the P80 Add-in for Windows Home Server

So just what is P80 and what can it do for you? In simple terms it is a web site you view via your home page of your WHS that allows you to view various aspects of your WHS in one easy to use web page.

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