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Review: Cat Café Manager


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Have you ever wanted to work in a café or maybe you already have? How about would you ever like to run a café not just for humans but for cats too? Then Cat Café Manager is a game that will please you as it allows you to partake in the role of a manager running a café for cats and the friendly people in the village, Caterwaul Way.

However, this job isn’t going to be super easy as it may appear. There are some problems that may come our way as time goes on. Yet our grandmother wouldn’t have left this land to build a café, for us to take over if she didn’t think we couldn’t run it. So as long as we hire reliable workers to help us, buy plenty of brilliant items to bring comfort and interest to the restaurant, learn new recipes to serve the guests and the cats that visit, and lastly keep an eye on everything going on in the café and in the village, well then the game will be a piece of cake!

Graphics and Sound

The visual aspect comes off as a 2D-style game with a soft color palette and cartoonish style design. It’s absolutely great on the eyes, not too bright or too plain. Plus, after watching the screen for hours working on the task and chores required to be attended to during the game, the scenery and style of the entire game’s design are very relaxing and easier to look at for a long amount of time. Even the characters all have a cute and adorable appearance to them, with their own unique and quirky mannerisms. This includes the cute kitties that will be roaming the land and the café.

Now for the music that plays, it’s a lively tune. During the game it’s a mix of cheerful and comforting, that feels like a perfect background sound for this game. The music doesn’t really have a different tempo or change in the song or tune playing. It’s a song that plays and stays constant throughout. The same goes for the actions and sound effects made by the characters, cats, and many other things in the game. It’s very simply done and not too complicated in the sound department.

There is one thing I’d like to mention about the graphics when everything is in action. The game was fine as it started, a bit slow loading to play the game each time, but nothing too bad. However, when I finally got further into the game I noticed that issues began to show, such as the game began to slow down in different parts and the selector object or popup images weren’t showing up. For one example, when I tried to pet a stray cat, the selector wouldn’t appear and I didn’t know what cat I was choosing. I believe it’s due to things happening at the same time, and it occurs a few days later in the game as more visitors enter.

Final Thoughts

Cat Café Manager is a wonderful game with such a cute visual appearance and is easy for anyone young or old to enjoy. There were a few things that stood out, which for me stood to be slightly negative. The first is the limitation in moving the character from facing one way or controlling a camera to view the area a bit better from the back to front sides of objects and the building. Don’t get me wrong, you are able to move in all directions with no problems, but the view is always facing forward and just feels a bit odd, and hard to clean areas that can’t be seen.

On top of that, when you pet the cat, it’s like petting the floor or air sometimes. It’s hard to get the cat accurately at times and ends up looking like the cat is enjoying the kind petting, but also that you petting the air. Another feature I felt was tricky to get used to is the controls to select where or what you want to do in the menu option. It takes some time to get a hang of it or to accurately select the option you want. Lastly, I didn’t mind the few days of getting rated a D for the service as we aren’t able to do much till we obtain and meet new people who come into the café. There is no other way to get past this as it’s gonna take time till we obtain money for objects to buy, new material to use for building, and meet the new guests to provide us with these items. Therefore, the game is always going to start by giving out daily D ratings, either that or I’m just not getting a hang of the game?

Nevertheless, these issues don’t really destroy the enjoyment of the game. Most can be small potatoes compared to other problems many larger games normally have. So I don’t doubt the joy in the game and its entertainment value, as it still is playable and works as it should. Plus, after playing it for a while the gist of how to do things get easier to use.

Finally, there is so much to achieve and learn as days go on in this game. Much to be done and very easy to do. The game is filled with unique characters to meet and befriend, as well as cats that you will get to pet, feed, and befriend also. It’s a game that any cat lover or gamer who enjoys an easy and simpler tycoon, simulated, and the sandbox-style game would love to play.


+ Great Art in the Games Design and Characters
+ Simpler Tycoon and Simulated Game
+ Friendly and Cheerful Background Music

- Long Wait Time Before the Game Loads Up
- Controls Take Time to Get Use Too
- No Camera Control
- Missing Selector Option and Slow Response Time Further in the Game
- Actions Made By the Characters Are Not Accurate at Times

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.
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Review: Cat Café Manager+ Great Art in the Games Design and Characters<br> + Simpler Tycoon and Simulated Game<br> + Friendly and Cheerful Background Music<br><br> - Long Wait Time Before the Game Loads Up<br> - Controls Take Time to Get Use Too<br> - No Camera Control<br> - Missing Selector Option and Slow Response Time Further in the Game<br> - Actions Made By the Characters Are Not Accurate at Times<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)