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Review Tetris Effect: Connected


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Puzzle lovers, guess what! Tetris is back and plays great on the Nintendo Switch. The game itself is way more captivating than it’s ever been! The entire stage comes to life as you play while rotating and moving those four classic shapes throughout the game’s boards. Plus, the danceable and ideal music is always playing in the background. Let’s just say that everything about the game, Tetris Effect: Connected is totally motivating and captivating during gameplay!

Classic Tetris with Unmatched Features!

Tetris Effect: Connected is a game that in my opinion, appears ways more superior to any other Tetris game I’ve played before! There are numerous amount of stages, each fully illuminated and fascinating with beautiful background scenes. Every stage you enter has a different scene and difficulty, pushing you to the limit and pressuring you to think fast, and score big! Oh, but don’t get pulled in by graphics in the background, which might even make it hard to pay attention, resulting in losing your chances of winning the game. Playing alone it’s not a bad thing, but if you’re playing a competitive game against others it may ruin your chances of winning.

Another thing about the music and scenary, which works with every gameplay, I just had to explain. Every little movment in the puzzle’s stage plays some original and gorgeous music. The more you play the more the music adjusts and more of it plays. Every little tile that is placed by the player, creates a new beat with the background music. Additionally, each tile after clearing of a few lines, adds a new tune and more of the song to be revealed. I also love that not only does the music change, but the visual graphics also comes to life and changes right infront of your eyes as you play. This is very much one original combination that Tetris ever created in a game, so beautiful and motivating at the same time!

Even more, if you are playing many different stages, there are unique shapes and matching to the graphic tiles. It’s a bit trickier and can be quite fun too! An additional challenging with the shapes, easy to make a mistake with the few styles, but thankfully if you play in the beginner or easier option, you can see exactly where the piece will fit into the board. It’s deffinitly have plenty of amazing stages and quite an original puzzling game, this is for sure!

Regardless of the graphics which by the way, are breathtaking! The game plays just like the classic Tetris, which everyone who played throughout the years will still love. Moving those four falling shapes around a rectangular box, trying to combine them together and clear the stage with a high score. Nevertheless, the game gets even more interesting when you have a chance of choosing a different choice of modes to play.

One option that you can choose with in either mode option is playing the game a bit more competitive with others online or nearby. This I really do love, as you can challenge plenty of others even have spectators up to 8 in a room online or play with four other friends nearby and battle it out, seeing who comes out as the top winner! There are no more just two-player games when you can have many enter the game and plenty more challenging players from all over, some easier than the next. All of this makes it a bit more challenging and always a reason to play Tetris whenever possible

Additionally, the ability to play and unlock some great new avatars is always a pleasant reward bonus! Not only can you score big and try to beat that score, but you can also get a new set of avatars to choose from. In all truth, that even proves how much better you are at playing Tetris, as you level up and earn a new avatar. There are plenty to earn, so winning plenty of games and scoring well is a great start to a collection of new achievable avatars!

I do need to point out, that even with a similar game with a bit more upgrade. There are no multicolor shapes, but the theme of the level; stage, and graphics all match. I love that addition. When you play the classic way you’d play Tetris, the movement of the tiles, the graphics and the difficulty all play a part together. It’s very easy to get confused or lost in the game that distractions will occur, this is what I had occurred a few times I’ve played through. It’s very much more challenging but still provides the entertaining Tetris everyone knows how to play; those who played it before.

One special mode I do like in this Tetris game, which isn’t in most others that I’ve tried. Well, it isn’t only playing against one another or competing against other friends and even working together through the Journey Mode, but the Tetris Effect Mode option. It is something that is a challenge, where you play the beautiful graphics done like the original gameplay. Instead, you have to complete the puzzle by completing a certain amount of lines. They aren’t super easy and don’t expect to be a champion the first time around. However, like all Tetris puzzles it gets harder and harder as you clear lines and time passes by.

Now was there any problems I’ve encountered? Yes, just a few. This game was almost what I’d considered complete perfection. It had entertaining music, graphics and the game was fully intensive and engaging. However, the problems that I did come accross was just two. May not be a big deal with many others, but I did notice these as I played.

The first one was when I was using the instant drop button, a quicker way to release the tile down into the puzzle; board. However, this didn’t seem to be always easy to avoid when playing. I accidentally triggered the button one after another, by mistake because my finger moving to the next directional key, hit the fast release directional key by accident a few times. Easiest way to lose and ruin a game.

The second problem I’ve encountered was a bit of a stall with the game. There would be times where it would not load and freeze for a moment, maybe longer than a moment. I had to get out of the game and press a few buttons and finally it defrost and I was ready to play again. Thankfully cause I didn’t want to lose what I’ve played and won so far. Another blessing, is that it automatically saves after each stage, so it won’t really do much but cause you to plat that stage over again.

I think this also could be due to lost of connection, while playing in single-player mode. If you lose connection, you might be why the freezing. However, in settings turning off the online option and it will remove the chances of keeping down the score, but it might be beneficial if you are dealing with areas that the game stalls. However, it might just be the graphics are too much and it could cause for it to freeze for a short amount of time till it can return back to the game.

Other than these faults, the game still kept me engaged for a while. I didn’t want to put it down. Every time I got close I didn’t want to stop and step away when I could try and try again to win! It’s a game that won’t leave you bored but entertained for hours, days, months, and years to come!

Final Thoughts

Tetris has always been a game that never ends. You can play it over and over, never playing it exactly the same as you did the first time or a few times afterward. Plus, with the many mode options to choose from, it’s just so much more interesting and of course, challenging. Also, who can not love a bit more entertaining music, background graphics, or just the difficulty of the stages as you advance forward. Tetris really just got an upgrade and for those who don’t like change, it still has that classic gameplay everyone can enjoy!

Therefore, what did I think about this game? Well, it’s magnificent, with a few faults like many games. However, it’s not something that will stop me from playing, as it will keep me entertained a long time. The games are always random, unique, and the competition can always boost the challenging approach to the game. No matter, Tetris Effect: Connected is honestly a marvelous game and a perfect addition to the Tetris lover’s collection!


+ Beautiful Scenery with Illuminating Graphics
+ Motivating Background Music, Different at Each Stage
+ Multiplayer Competitive Action, Adds Additional Challenges
+ Unlockable Avatars
+ Challenging Modes, Lasting Entertainment

- Game Freezes Very Often
- Fast Release Can Stick and Trigger it to Happen One After Another

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.
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+ Beautiful Scenery with Illuminating Graphics <br> + Motivating Background Music, Different at Each Stage<br> + Multiplayer Competitive Action, Adds Additional Challenges<br> + Unlockable Avatars<br> + Challenging Modes, Lasting Entertainment<br><br> - Game Freezes Very Often <br> - Fast Release Can Stick and Trigger it to Happen One After Another<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)Review Tetris Effect: Connected