An overview of Rock Band 4 from Alex The Big Boy Verrey

Mad Catz and Harmonix recently held an event to show off Rock Band 4, and we sat down with Alex “The Big Boy” Verrey to learn all about it.

Rock Band 4 Coming to Xbox One and PS4 this year

Rock Band 4 has been officially announced by Harmonix. It's coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later in 2015. The good news? It will support...

Fantasia: Music Evolved Gets Dated

Disney and Harmonix's has released that date for when Fantasia: Music Evolved will come to Xbox One and Xbox 360 on 21st October. It will require...

Inor Zur Takes The Stage and Performs at D23 for Disney Fantasia

Inon Zur Takes The Stage and Performs Music Featured in “Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved” for First Time at Disney’s D23 Expo Disney Interactive and Harmonix Music...

‘Fantasia: Music Evolved’ coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360

Fantasia: Music Evolved has been announced for Xbox One and Xbox 360. A collaboration between Disney Interactive and Rock Band and Dance Central developer Harmonix,...

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