Can you make gaming history with the launch of Street Fighter V?

To celebrate the launch of Street Fighter V on 16th February (tomorrow) Capcom is joining forces with GAME in Manchester Trafford Centre to make gaming...

Watch the first 15 minutes of Far Cry Primal

We got to play a few hours of Ubisoft's forthcoming game Far Cry Primal and so here is the first 15 minutes of gameplay for you.

Insomnia Gaming Festival records largest ever Winter event

Insomnia, has announced that Insomnia56 as the largest ever Winter Insomnia Gaming Festival to date. Compared to the previous Insomnia event in Winter 2014, Insomnia56 saw...

Win World of Tanks Commander’s Guide Book

Wargaming and Carlton Books have released World of Tanks Commander’s Guide and you can win a copy.

World of Tanks Commander’s Guide available now

Wargaming and Carlton Books are pleased to announce World of Tanks Commander’s Guide.

Review: Jackbox Party Pack Vol 2

Bundles are a difficult thing to review. You’re often torn on score because one title might be brilliant, while another doesn’t deliver. Luckily, Jackbox...

Review: FIFA 16

It's time for our FIFA 16 review.

Official Star Wars Knitted Jumpers From Numskull

Be prepared for galactic domination of the festive season by making sure you’ve got the best Christmas jumpers in the universe. Numskull are the true...

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Review: Super Magbot

Super Magbot is a challenging 2D platformer with one hell of a gimmick: no jumping.  Yes, you heard that right. The exclusion of such a foundational...

Review : Cris Tales

Review: Death’s Door