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Review: Card Shark


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Have you ever loved to play cards with a group of friends? Maybe you sometimes prefer to watch a game as others play? Well if you are one that prefers both, to watch and play then you might fall in love with this game, Card Shark.

The entire game is based in France during the 18th century, which is why the outfits will look a bit more classical than modern. Plus, the same goes for the music that will play in the background. Now the main goal of the game, it’s about you helping out a new friend who takes us under his wing, Comte de Saint-Germain. He allows us to learn so many new ways to cheat in different card games, and a few we meet along the way. The main purpose is for us to help him and us cheat our way to riches; gambling with our lives and the money we do have to make more. Each new location in the game will encourage us to meet new opponents to play against, new tricks to learn a new way to cheat so we cake continue to earn you more cash than we would as a servant.

So if you have what it takes to succeed in being a card shark, you must pay attention, and have complete concentration and speed to accurately get the cheats right. If you are successful in doing these quick movements, you’ll earn money easily. The only downfall is the negative effect that will happen if they find out you are cheating. So don’t stay too long or gamble too much cash, as it could lead to losing everything or worst. Remember, not everyone loves scammers and swindlers.

♠♣ How Was The Game ♥♦

First off, the game’s graphics are all done in this 2D style design. It’s like a beautifully illustrated book with chapters to each new swindling card game. Every character and the location is designed in that France 18-century attire and style. So you have such a beautiful view of art to glance at as you play. Plus, the background music that plays is very classy and simply elegant, a perfect fit for this game. So right off, the game is very well designed and sounds fantastic, a perfect lure to see what it’s all about.

Now for the game, this is quite easy to say, it’s perfect! I’ve never played a game where I have to cheat at any card game, with so many different techniques. I first appear as this servant who has probably nothing to his name, to begin with, then I’m following a guy, Comte de Saint-Germain as he teaches me so many new tricks so I can quick my poor-paying job and earns some real money fast! So all I can say is if given the chance to become a sneaky cheat and scandal others to make so much more money fast sounds so much better than sticking to a poor-paying job which will get me nowhere fast.

Furthermore, it’s a game that is very easy to understand what you need to do to win. Everything is taught to the player, till they do it right. It only takes a few buttons to actually play the game. The most difficult part is making sure to be quick enough to select the right buttons or spot specific cards during some of the card games. Also learning so many new ways to cheat, it can be hard to keep up. So even one mistake can cause your friend and yourself to lose out on so much cash. However, that isn’t the only issue. The chance of being caught is also something that could lead to death.

During the time I played, I felt a bit scared I’d be too slow. That is why I found this game really requires you to be quick most of the time and have a good memory, so you don’t make a mistake while our friend plays with the cards. It wasn’t always the easiest to do, even if I’m not the one playing with cards. Helping to cheat and to be accurate is a bit difficult. However, after a few test runs, I found it becomes a bit easier to gain the skills to play as a swindler and do the task required to help our friend win.

The only problem I came upon was not with the game. I tend to can’t recall things very easily, as this game requires so much attention and remembrance of every move to make for each different game. That is why I’m super happy with the hint feature. It really makes playing the game so much easier if you can’t always remember everything being played.

At last, there really wasn’t anything I can see being a problem with this game, it was quite fun. There are so nay options to adjust the game to make it playable for everyone. Plus, if gambling is something you love to do, it won’t hurt to play as much as you like cause you won’t really lose out in real cash, just in the game. No matter, it’s really a well-put-together game and something I find quite luring to keep on playing.

♠♣ Final Thoughts ♥♦

In a nutshell, Card Shark is a remarkably pleasant game, and reminds me of a book on magic tricks or learning how to play cards, but for cheaters. I’m loving the French theme and artistic design that it’s set up to appear as. Plus, I get to do something I don’t do often, cheat! Since I already love card games, I do prefer to watch others play and just assist them as they play. That is what I get with this game, a chance to avoid the part where I need to know the card game all the time, but instead, learn to cheat.

Besides how I feel, no one has to be a perfect card player to play this game or know how to play it. It’s mostly how to cheat and that is all taught to the player right before the real card games begin. Of course speed, accuracy, and memorizing are also key points to winning each game. So then when you do win you can move forward to even higher stake tables. Lastly, the game will provide plenty of challenges, build some great skills, and is a bunch of fun when you’re able to cheat your way to the top!


+ Excellent 18th Century French Style Graphics
+ Entertaining Card Game Cheats to Learn
+ Humours Reactions of Each Character

(Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch )
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Excellent 18th Century French Style Graphics<br> + Entertaining Card Game Cheats to Learn<br> + Humours Reactions of Each Character<br><br> (Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch )Review: Card Shark