GamingReview: Capcom Fighting Collection

Review: Capcom Fighting Collection


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Ready to play as your favorite Capcom fighter and battle it out with another? Well here is your chance to enjoy a full collection of the 10 most remarkable Capcom fighting games that will be great to add to your gaming console! There are so many different and wonderful types to keep you fighting for hours. Each one is full of action-packed competition, fighting with special and fun techniques, and that fun, classic arcade-style design. It may appear a little more revived in graphics and contain some awesome music playing in the background, but it still has the classic arcade-style design and gameplay that everyone loved growing up playing.

The many games in the Capcom Fighting Collection are ones that have been played the most, and this is true for me, with a few additional games I’ve never had a chance to try. Each one chosen in this collection is in my opinion, an awesome set that makes owning this one game worth it! Also, to make one thing clear. The game isn’t just giving you the top five great games, there are a total of ten. Each being added with some additional features that it never had before. Even a training section to allow you to own those skills before going into a real fight.

So you really are getting something more for just this one purchase. I always find myself loving the classics and even more when they get remastered, placed with more than one game, and come with additional extras and features that weren’t present before. For example, the museum is now a part of the game, allowing you to recap and view some wonderful details like behind-the-scenes and art from each of the 10 games. Now you can enjoy so much art, music and so much more from all the games in this special edition.

Additionally, there are a few more wonderful modes that will allow you to fight anyone you like, view rankings, and build groups to conversate about each game you like. You can even just be a spectator and enjoy watching matches taking place. These are just amazing additions, and the one I love most is the ability to adjust the controller to set the buttons to suit you. So if you want to do a special attack, no more difficult button combination has to be done. Simplified is so much nicer than difficult and makes the fight much more enjoyable when you can win easier!

The Ten Remarkable Capcom Games:

** These are all the USA version names, but there are also Japanese names you can choose from too. So no worries that are also options. So if the names below don’t appear or look like what you see on the screen when it starts up, you just need to change it. So you can choose the USA version or keep it to the Japanese version and still enjoy the same gameplay under a different title and words or scripts being used instead. I do also want to let you know that some games are only in Japanese since they have never been released outside of Japan, so those names will be just exactly as you see them below. **

  • Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors

This game has a great array of characters to choose from. Many in the form of being an animal or creature combined with a human form. I think that really is what makes this fighting game very interesting, you can battle each other as these unique creature-people form and use all types of attacks. I am thankful they show each in the pause menu, the combinations to create such attacks, as it’s not super easy to grasp for beginner fighters or first-time players.

Also, the option to choose how fast you’d like the game to go is really an interesting part. You have a certain time to choose something which is normal with fighting games, especially classic ones. This game has 3 total speed settings and each will let the game run a bit quicker or slower. It may not always seem like a huge difference, but there is a slight change. Especially, with the opponent’s speed and movements.

I had the hardest time defeating my first opponent, Felicia the catwoman. As embarrassing as that sounds. There was only one time I played with a different character and had victory just to be defeated twice in the last two rounds. It took time to defeat her and move on, but honestly what I learned from the first few tries is I really need to practice the buttons better to be my best as a fighter. It’s so hard to pick up and just go right in thinking you’ll take down the opponent easily.

  • Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge:

I felt the game had the same similar effect as Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors. The characters are not much different and the effects are about the same. The game played similarly, for the most part. The little change may be how you can adjust the speed or let it go through auto mode. I’ve been mostly finding myself playing through turbo mode as it seems to be the best if you want to get into a faster fight and keep it going without slowing down. However, I still found each round to be quite difficult as the original settings. I can’t believe how badly I got defeated again and again!

However, the more I practice, even if I take on that training course and know how to use the different special skills the better I’ll get. This is a really great classic game, as it plays perfectly and really gives you a challenge! So there is really nothing to complain about, everything works as it should, and the reactions and effects take place right away, and I’m very happy with it. That also goes with the quality of this game as I was with the first.

  • Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire:

You don’t get the same vibe or graphics as the first two games in the collection. I’ve noticed a change in the game, it’s more like a fighting adventure. You go to the first battle then you just keep going until you win the fight. Next, you move to the next fighter in this circular-shaped mapped area. Each has a new opponent to fight. It’s a nice change and definitely different than how a normal battle would go.

Again I played the rounds through the turbo mode, so things were going quicker than normal. Oh yes, I can happily say I finally won the first battle as this bee girl, aka Q Bee which I’m thinking is short for Queen Bee. No matter, I was proud to say that as my fighter, she was able to beat my opponents. I didn’t play in any other setting, just turbo mode. However, this was just one character, there are so many other creative creature-like characters to choose from.

Once again, I must compliment how the characters are quite charming. Actually, I like the mix better than the first two above. It’s also impressive to say that my mom’s favorite bug the bee is the one I chose and she can really do some damage! Oh and the one that looks like the little red riding hood from a story, this character is hysterical as she is this so cute little girl with a gun and a lot more up her sleeves. Now that’s just two and there are so many more to play with such interesting twists and that makes the game a blast for me, and very entertaining to play.

  • Vampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers’ Revenge:

This game brings the same heat as the rest! It’s actually got a few characters that are memorable from the recent ones, but it is such a nice fighting game. I don’t know why, but I’ve done better so far moving along to the next games in the collection like this one than I did from the start. Maybe the newer ones in the list of games are just made easier so you can take down the opponent easily. In my opinion, I feel this game really is stimulating cause as each may be wonderful but the easier it is to take victory is what makes it a bit better for me. However, I can’t say this really is better, it’s just as brilliant as the rest, but I like it a tiny pinch more.

A little bit of a tip or just something I’d like to share. When I was playing fighting games growing up, maybe call it the old school method of playing. However, I found what worked for me was to just press so many buttons to make a special attack combination actually work. Even if I had no idea what creates what, sometimes the results were just incredible! So I can’t lie, I tried that with many of these games, well all of them. When playing Lilith, who is as fast as Q Bee. I also liked her special abilities and speed. So with many different buttons pressing it didn’t seem like I needed to cause it is simplified than it was for other games. It was nice taking down that catwoman, Felicia, who in the past two games above whipped my butt so easily.

  • Vampire Savior 2: The Lord of Vampire:

Another Vampire Savior game, yippie! Loving them a bit more, but the 2nd one is just like the first, awesome! It’s great, especially the way it plays, I feel as if the special buttons in each game I play just get a bit easier to use and operate with each character. It’s marvelous how much I can get done faster and easier with just a press of a button than with learning so much or seeing the words K.O. you lose so many times. So in total, in many of the battles thus far, I’ve won the first round and second with no problem.

Also, this game is with the same similar characters, and I’m not hating on that! They all have great features, special abilities, and personal styles which make them so much more interesting. Lilith has been my choice for this game again, but there are so many others to choose from or you can allow the game to decide for you.

  • Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness:

At first, I was thinking OK, same old choose a character and fight. However, this is a bit different. The game goes along with just a handful of characters, not many to decide upon. So once the character you want is chosen, it’s time for you to select your robotic machine. Now, this is a bit odd, but in some way interesting too. The character choice doesn’t do much for the game, and I could be wrong, but they become the icon of who you are inside the machine that you’ve chosen.

The real person that is doing the battling is the robotic machine and you the player of course! You can take down anything with the machine, and it has so many unique moves and abilities. I almost think of it as watching or actually being a part of Robot Wars. You are just acting as the robotic machine and using all these different gears and firepower to take down the opponent. I think this game adds something new to this collection and makes for such fun and fascinating to play!

  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo:

This was actually a change from the traditional. Yes, a few well-known names from Street Fighter and a few from the other games mentioned above. However, there are two things about this game that is evident. It’s not giving you a large list of characters to choose from as many of the others, and there are no details on what they can do or their own strengths like many of the other games. This is where I feel it is more just a personal choice of who you want to be not if they are quick of going to provide something special.

So what is this game about? Well, it is actually all about gems. You’re playing the game on this vertical rectangular-style board that almost reminds me of playing Tetris. However, like a game of match 3 or more and so on, you have these gems of red, yellow, green, and blue come down. They aren’t moving so fast, so don’t need to worry or have to think quickly. However, like a game of Tetris, it’s best to keep it from getting too high.

So as you play, you form these bigger gems. The more the colors combine the more they form these giant gems, which you can set off with these special round spherical-shaped balls. They hold the color you need to place them so they match the gem or gems you’re setting off. The bigger the gem is made, even a small, single gem can be used, which will cause damage to the opponent. The more damage you cause, the champion you will become!

  • Super Gem Fighter Minimix:

This game was almost what I thought to be another gem-style game like Tetris, but it’s not! It’s a bit hysterical with the different special abilities that occur with each character. This game plays like a fighting game, but with gems. Odd I know, but the gems add a few special benefits to each player. There are going to be some same faces that can be recalled by the traditional Street Fighter. Yet, so cute as they are like mini-size fighters.

So here are a few details on these gems. They act as ways to help power you up and can even level you up, especially the larger the size they are. Plus, the more attacks you put on the opponent and knock some gems out of them, you can use them to aid in your success. It’s a cute and engaging game that like all these fighting games in this collection requires plenty of speed!

Oh yes, and there are a few options which are nice. if you want to focus on a different difficulty right for you, that is possible right at the start. The choices allow you more chances to practice with the easiest mode before going into the more difficult modes. Let’s just say it’s not super easy like slicing a piece of cake, it will get you a bit of K.O. you lose before you win.

  • Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition:

This is classic and brings back all my childhood memories! It has every character I can recall and each play is a traditional game. No special monsters only if that is what they were from the start. However, for Ken, Ryu, and the rest it’s like playing an original Street Fighter game, without any extra or unoriginal features. Mainly, just fight and use as many special abilities or moves to take down the opponent. A true classic game and a great second-to-last addition to this game.

  • Red Earth:

OH my gosh! Ok, I wish I knew this game beforehand. I was never into playing many different fighting games, but wow, WOW! This one is like fighting in the form of an animal-human, and I chose Leo the lion-style fighter. Now let me say he can really pack a punch. It’s more of a story with the game. Starts also with a map of where you’ll be going next to fight. This is all after you set up the character you want to be and choose the settings.

Next, you move on to the selected area and voila, the battle begins. It’s like an original fighting game, but the enemy’s lifeline is on the bottom. Plus, each opponent tends to be huger than you’d expect. You’re not fighting a same-size character, it’s like you’re defeating only bosses of the game. Each one has its own special powers, strengths, and appearances. Plus, a few words to go with the story, but wow! They seem like all bosses and have nothing to do with just battling a normal size fighter from the list of characters.

Honestly, for the last game on the list. I really enjoyed one! Don’t get me wrong each was really excellent, and brought something different to the game’s collection. Regardless, I never knew that a game where you can just fight giant monsters, like the bosses at the end of games would be a thing, but I guess it can be and it can be outrageously amazing too!

Final Thoughts

There is nothing like having the 10 best action-packed fighting games in one game download. The variety is excellent, the graphics are top-notch and it plays smoothly on the Xbox One, which I had a chance to try on. I came across no problems, only if having too much fun is an issue? Ok, maybe there was one thing I wish and hope could be possible. The game allows you to quickly save anytime you like, LOVE IT! However, you can only save one game and if you play another you can’t save or it overwrites the game making it lose the last game you saved. So no multi-saving feature, which I wish could change. However, It doesn’t affect the gameplay, which is awesome, and honestly, I really love every new and classic feature. What I thought was excellent in the past, is even better now!

There are a few games I’m playing for the first time and never tried before, which makes this collection even greater. So I can’t compare them all, but it’s no problem cause as I tried them all they play perfectly. Additionally, the story that follows and the entire detailed design is excellent as well! It’s just what I would expect when playing any Capcom fighting game. So if you are searching for more than just one game to keep you actively engaged in some fight sequences, puzzling arcade battles, and much more, then this is a collection you should give a try!


+ Ten Action Packed Fighting Games
+ Museum of Art and Behind the Scene Details
+ Excellent Graphics
+ Easier Control Special Moves for Attacking

- Only Able to Quick Save One Game

(Reviewed on Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Capcom Fighting Collection+ Ten Action Packed Fighting Games<br> + Museum of Art and Behind the Scene Details<br> + Excellent Graphics <br> + Easier Control Special Moves for Attacking<br><br> - Only Able to Quick Save One Game<br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One)