GamingReview: Matchpoint Tennis Championships

Review: Matchpoint Tennis Championships


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Ready to serve the ball and get the game started? Maybe you want to try some awesome moves like working on your forehand, backhand, volley, half-volley, overhead smash, drop shot, and lob. Well here is a sports game that will allow you to use those moves cause it’s all about tennis, and you get the chance to be the player you want to create and take all the different shots you like to outsmart your opponents.

The game gives you complete freedom to feel like you are playing on a real court through the career mode or just a normal practice close to like playing free-play mode. It’s an excellent game that will help you build skills if you’re starting out and get better with each game you play in any mode. So you can one time or more often be the champion player. So get ready to serve up, you’re in total control and all these different moves you perform will be the ones that may aid or break you in each game. So it just leaves me with one question and that is do you think you have what it takes to be a champion tennis player?

🎾How Was The Game🎾

Matchpoint Tennis Championships is something that I was expecting to be a bit better visually, but it did fall short in the type of characters you can create to suit your appearance, so that might be lacking. Slightly, reminded me of creating your very own Sims character, just not so many choices. However, its quality in animation is really nice and shows such close-up action with controllable cameras that I’m very impressed to be able to get a view that is easier for me to play along with.

The game has a ranking, which is something that would allow anyone who wants to play a bit more competitive than just for fun to see where you land and how well you are getting against others. It actually makes the game so much more challenging and fun, even because you can play against those online or just a multiplayer with someone in the same room. Of course, AI is always an option too!

However, practicing is key, and taking on the tutorial is a great way to learn the controller’s mappings so you know what to do or how to move and hit the ball or just serve it. There aren’t many tricky combinations and it is very smooth when you actually play. If this was a real game, I doubt you’ll break a sweat reaching the ball. It almost feels as if the character lines up perfectly each time you play to hit the ball, just moving to the right side is all it takes. Honestly, I like that! I don’t have to be an expert tennis gamer to win a game when playing this game.

Therefore, I’m not upset with the gameplay, it’s perfect! That also includes the design of the field, the timing, and the effects that occur each time you hit the ball. There is no glitching, stalling, or some strange pauses and loading that block you as you play. Everything just plays smoothly and loads up quickly!

I do have so many, and I mean mainly all positive aspects of this game. Well for one, no more need to stand up and play. Just sit back and let the controller be the only guided tool you need. Unlike a Wii or a device that uses a camera, you can sit back and play tennis on the couch or anywhere you feel comfortable. I just love that! Another is that the music is quite engaging and a bit more motivating right from when the game begins to play. It’s not a laidback and slow tune, but something more pumping and interesting, which I do adore for the second thing. Also, the real sound effects help to make the game even more realistic, not only from the hitting of the ball, but the players and the audience watching.

The last thing that I must admit to being so grateful about this game is that if you have no time to play, cause for some reason. Well choose the quick match game, it’s an option and allows you to get in some tennis play, while not wasting too much time and completing it quickly. This is just a game that makes everything about playing tennis a piece of cake and I love it, just sometimes I wish playing real tennis was as easy as this!

🎾Final Thoughts🎾

I am a fan of tennis. I don’t care too much about watching competitions on the television or in person, but I love to play myself. Ok, I may not be the best in person, but in a game, I feel like a star⭐championship player. This game, Matchpoint Tennis Championships is something that allows me to express the one sport that I have the most interest in. I do hope I’m not the only one who rather play sports through a game console because it’s just easier and so much more fun to learn and get better than in a real arena, court, or field to play the sport, especially in the heat outdoors?

No matter, this game is awesome! The one thing I thought that might be a problem was using a controller to play the game and if it would be easy to move around and hit the ball on time. However, with what you learn through the tutorial and how smooth everything moves within the game, there is no struggle or problem it all can be done and done by sitting down! So for me, there is just so much to love with a simple or competitive game of tennis, whichever the player prefers.

That’s why it leaves me to say that this is a sports game like all others, but it’s so fun, and honestly, I don’t feel they make so many games on tennis, this easy. I just love the sport in the form of a game and find it so much easier to become a champion with all the ways I can practice and take on challenges with other players whenever I’m ready too! So if tennis is a game you’re searching for, and want to really play with ease and not break a sweat? Then Matchpoint Tennis Championships is a game you should give a shot!


+ Easy to Pickup and Play, Even for Beginners
+ Plenty of Practice Games
+ Online Challenging
+ Ranking to Keep Up How Well You're Doing
+ Love the Diversity in the Character Design

- Character Creating I Wish was More Styles and Apperances

(Reviewed on the Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
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+ Easy to Pickup and Play, Even for Beginners<br> + Plenty of Practice Games<br> + Online Challenging<br> + Ranking to Keep Up How Well You're Doing<br> + Love the Diversity in the Character Design<br><br> - Character Creating I Wish was More Styles and Apperances<br><br> (Reviewed on the Xbox One)Review: Matchpoint Tennis Championships