GamingReview: Space Ribbon - Slipstream to the Extreme

Review: Space Ribbon – Slipstream to the Extreme


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That was quick! Just blink and a few years just flew right by, especially when you play the game Space Ribbon. The year is 2132 and your main job is to choose one of your favorite classic scrap cars, and reconstruct it to be a super revved-up racing car. As you fly through each racing track either a panda or tiger is spewing out of its mouth, against plenty of AI or friend racers. The goal to keep in mind is to get right into the mouth of either animal and be there first. So do you have what it takes to race in space through a twisting and always-changing race track that brings plenty of challenges, not only including the other riders?

🏎 How Was The Game 🏎

In the beginning, I enjoyed the idea of taking an old vehicle and having the chance to upgrade it, and even better, never driving on the same track. The twists and turns really made it a bit more interesting and challenging. It does stink that you are limited to just a few vehicle options to choose from, but it gives you a goal to work towards new vehicles and most of all, upgrades and even difficult levels. So with some time, patience, and levels to unlock, there will always be a chance to gain some even nicer gear and vehicles to drive.

Now even if it looks a bit short with the levels, they are still quite interesting. Especially, as nothing is the same racing track. You’ll have the freedom to play two different modes, like the free play mode or campaign mode. Each has so many different competitive rivals at each game, some that may surpass you. The further you move on the more difficult the other players become. One thing that may help is that right off at the menu, you can adjust the game to suit you, the player. Therefore, if you play the easy version it may be a bit better as a start off before going full out hard. That way you’ll get an idea of the game and win a few races easier. On the other hand, if you love a challenge and racing games, you can take the step right up to the hardest choice.

Now for the fun of each level, an original way to make a track as you race. The levels are all animals spewing out the tracks and are creating an original racing track to play on. Who knew a panda bear or tiger head could create a track for you to race on. Well, it’s more like a flying head-style ship that is letting loose these tracks. Regardless, each level is going to bring crazy twists and turns which makes it a bit more of a surprise to know what will be coming up ahead.

I did like that the game was set in a space scene and the unique way the tracks are made. Even the music has an upbeat and perfect sound for the game. Honestly, the graphics look pretty good. My favorite part is that the ride is smoother and it’s easy to move on the track. It isn’t too many buttons to learn or press. Everything is easy and the beat in the music is quite compelling, without being a distraction. The ending target is fun when you hit it 1st place and go flying into space. Plus, the bonus gear for winning is always a great thing as well.

🏎 Final Thoughts 🏎

Space Ribbon is full of exciting levels to race through. The challenge and design of the game, including the graphics and sounds, are absolutely amazing. It feels like an excellent racing game. The only thing is that it can get difficult to keep up with the animal heads spewing out difficult tracks. I must admit, I did fail a few times, but that just made me want to get back to the start line and begin again.

Most of the time, your mind is so onto every other racer, but racing to win isn’t the only goal. As it’s entering the mouth of the animal to win the game. I honestly would say this isn’t at all a bad game. It’s a racing game, unlike any other with great music. So if you want to play a new space-themed racing game, that is not like any other then this is one you should try!


+ Brilliant Space Graphics
+ Fun and Upbeat Background Music
+ Variety of Gear and Upgrades to Collect
+ Easy to Drive and Simple Controls to Learn

(Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Space Ribbon - Slipstream to the Extreme+ Brilliant Space Graphics<br> + Fun and Upbeat Background Music<br> + Variety of Gear and Upgrades to Collect<br> + Easy to Drive and Simple Controls to Learn<br><br> (Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch)