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HP Looks to Dump Personal Systems Group, Kill webOS

Today comes the surprising news that HP is looking to divest its personal systems group and will shut down its webOS group.

64GB HP TouchPad Makes Appearance in Europe

Only a short time after permanently dropping the price of their TouchPads, HP have a 64GB version of the TouchPad showing as available soon in Europe.

HP Drops Price of TouchPad in the UK Too

Following on from yesterdays news that HP had dropped the price of the TouchPad in the US by $100, here in the UK they have also dropped the price by £50.

HP TouchPad $100 Price Drop Permanent

We told you last week that HP had dropped the price of their TouchPad by $100 for the weekend, well now they have made that price drop permanent.

Motorola Announce Android 3.1 Update for Motorola XOOM in the UK

Motorola has announced the availability of Android 3.1 for Motorola XOOM in the UK – the over the air update is now rolling out. The update provides exciting enhancements to enable users to get more from their Motorola XOOM and makes it even easier to create a PC-like environment for business users.

Amazon Have 4G HP TouchPad Available for Pre-order

Back at the start of last month, we revealed that HP were planning a 4G version of the TouchPad. Now it’s available for pre-order on Amazon.

HP Offer Existing TouchPad Owners a $50 App Catalog Credit

Over the last two days we told you about HP slashing $100 off the price of the HP TouchPad then Staples slashing an additional $100 off. Now HP have offered existing US owners a $50 credit in the App Catalog.

How Does $200 Off an HP TouchPad Strike You?

I saw today via an article on Engaget, which linked to ThisIsMyNext and webOSroundup, a Staples in-store promotion, coupled with an HP promotion, that cuts the price by $200. Wow!

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