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HP Releases TouchPad Software Update


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HP released webOS 3.0.4 for TouchPads today.  Read on for details!

TP 304

Ari Jaaski, who heads webOS services for HP according to his blog site, announced the availability of a webOS update for the TouchPad today.  Here’s what he had to say about it:

We released a new software release (3.0.4) for the HP Touchpad a few minutes ago. It gets downloaded over the air and is automatically updated to your devices. As always, no strings attached. Enjoy.

We have a big number of TouchPads out there, and we wanted to continue serving users and developers. We improved performance, added better support for the camera, made connectivity with non-HP phones possible, improved messaging, touched the UI in many places, etc. Also, we’ve got over 1000 applications available for TouchPad through Application Catalogue.

We have also continued longer term architectural development for webOS. We are working hard around webKit and V8. Those are core engines for the whole webOS. The Enyo framework and developer tools are getting a lot of attention now. We have also some very cool development around UI especially in the area of working with many task simultaneously, and using the table screen even more efficiently. The web development model, strong cloud integration, and a fluid and beautiful UI are the cornerstones of webOS.

If you have a TouchPad, go ahead and update, but be careful if you have patches and/or themes installed.  You may want to uninstall them before updating webOS.

I have two on the way, expected any day now, and I’ll do a review when I receive my units.  Stay tuned!

Ari Jaaksi’s Blog Post
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  1. Interesting! I’ve been thinking about getting a Touchpad, but only to hack it to run Android.

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