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Get a $100 Instant Rebate on HP’s TouchPad

From August 5th through 7th, if you are in the US, you can get an instant $100 off the price of HP’s TouchPad. Is this a great marketing ploy or is HP desperate for sales?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Software Update Coming Tomorrow

Tomorrow sees the start of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 software update. There are lots of things included in this update, so hopefully Galaxy Tab 10.1 owners will be happy!

HP Release webOS 3.0.2 for TouchPad

Overnight, HP released webOS 3.0.2 for their TouchPad devices.

Lenovo Announce Android 3.1 Based ThinkPad Tablet for the Business

Rounding off the new Lenovo product announcements, Lenovo are also launching an Android 3.1 based ThinkPad tablet aimed at the business.

Lenovo Announce IdeaPad Tablet K1 Running Android 3.1

Lenovo have just launched a new Android 3.1 based tablet called the IdeaPad Tablet K1.

Lenovo Announce IdeaPad Tablet P1 Running Windows 7

Lenovo have announced a new Windows 7 tablet called the IdeaPad Tablet P1.

BBC News and BBC iPlayer Added to BlackBerry PlayBook

If you have a BlackBerry PlayBook, from today you can access BBC News and BBC iPlayer from your device. Well, at least you can access the shortcuts.

RIM Update BlackBerry Tablet OS to v1.0.7 with Updates to Bridge, Multimedia and Languages

Today RIM have released v.1.0.7 of their BlackBerry Tablet OS, bringing with it updates for BlackBerry Bridge, Multimedia and Languages.

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We haven’t ever reviewed a television or a monitor here at UWHS, but when we had the opportunity to play with the LINSAR 24LED805T TV we jumped at the chance. Why? Well it has the capability to record live TV to a USB device.

Sky Anytime+ now available on any broadband service

Sky’s Anytime+ service, which until now has only been available if you have Sky Broadband, is now available for use with any broadband provider.

Eben Upton talks about Raspberry Pi

Over the last couple of months we have had the pleasure of seeing and talking to Eben and Liz Upton about Raspberry Pi. Here are the videos we shot of Eben talking about the Pi at some recent events.