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SlingPlayer for Android Tablets Available Now


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Sling Player for Android Tablets

Here is what Sling said:

SlingPlayer is the perfect companion to your Android tablet. When connected to a Slingbox SOLO or PRO-HD, the award-winning SlingPlayer software makes it easy to watch your home TV over a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection. Change channels, control your DVR and watch your favorite shows, all on your Android tablet.

This mobile player takes full advantage of the higher performance, screen resolutions and video quality of Android 3.0. New to this release of SlingPlayer is a revamped program guide that makes it easy to browse content choices while continuing to watch TV. This is our first mobile player to display a full custom remote control that looks just like the one stuck in your sofa cushions.

With its big, beautiful display the Android tablet is the perfect device to watch your TV anywhere.

Note: If you have a Slingbox PRO, Slingbox AV, Slingbox TUNER or Slingbox Classic, you must upgrade your Slingbox. The Slingbox SOLO and Slingbox PRO-HD are the only devices that can stream at the Android tablet’s higher resolution.

Watch and control your home TV and DVR on your Android tablet!

When connected over Cellular or Wi-Fi to a Slingbox SOLO, or PRO-HD (Slingboxes sold separately), the award winning SlingPlayer Mobile software will play anything you can see on your TV at home on your Android tablet. Now you can change channels, control your DVR and watch your favorite shows right on your tablet. View and control video sources such as:

-Cable set-top box and DVR
-Satellite set-top box and DVR
-Telco / IPTV set-top box and DVR
-Basic cable
-Digital Over-the-Air broadcasts (Slingbox PRO-HD only)
-Apple TV
-Home security cameras

You already pay for great content at home. Why settle for other Android TV applications that only offer a limited selection of content when you can enjoy everything that’s on real TV? Get SlingPlayer and a Slingbox and turn your Android tablet into your home TV.


-A Slingbox SOLO or Slingbox PRO-HD is required. The Slingbox PRO, AV, Tuner and Classic will not work at all with SlingPlayer for Tablets. To take advantage of our special upgrade offer, please visit

-Users with the Dish Network 922 Receiver or the Dish Network Sling Adapter should download Dish Remote Access for Android phones from the App Store for free. SlingPlayer for Tablets is not supported with those devices.

-To stream in High Quality (HQ) mode you need at least 600 kbps of bandwidth from your Slingbox to your tablet if you have a PRO-HD. You need 800 kbps for this mode if you have a SOLO. You can test your home upload speed by using a web site such as on your home computer; test download speed at your current location by using the free Speedtest Android app. The total bandwidth available to SlingPlayer is limited to whichever is smaller: the upload speed, or the current download speed. If you don’t have enough bandwidth for HQ mode, you can improve your viewing experience by pressing the SQ button to stream in Standard Quality.

You can purchase the app from Android Market now for $29.99.

Buy it from Android Market now
Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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  1. There is the Sling box and the Sling adapter. Which one is better? I would probably say the Sling adapter. Everything that you can do with the Sling box you can now do with the Sling adapter plus more. I have a Sling adapter and it’s great. I get to have LIVE TV everywhere on my phone or watch my DVR recordings. Either way I’m never without something to watch. I’m happy I was able to learn about the Sling adapter from being a customer and employee with DISH. Be sure you check out the Sling adapter with DISH today because it’s free after rebate!

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