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Michael Hoade

Michael is a trainee journalist and presenter, who loves talking about himself in the third person(It makes him feel like the Rock). Video games, weightlifting and Japanese pro-wrestling take up most of his free time, and he loves sharing these interests with others. You can find him discussing games in further detail on his YouTube channel: The Gaming Conversation(linked in his profile).

Review: Brawl Chess – Gambit

Brawl Chess - Gambit aspires to offer a family-friendly chess experience; with quirky cartoon visuals and a variety of difficulty settings.  Developed by RedDeerGames, Brawl...

Review: Spider-man Miles Morales

Spider-man Miles Morales launched as one of the headline PS5 titles. The initial trailer showed off the game's next-generation graphics; Miles’s venom-powered moveset; and...

Review: Ghost of Tsushima

An immersive experience: Picture this: a Japanese field cascaded in white tulips. Two Samurai are locked in motion, readying their blades. Natures ambience acting as...

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