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Michael Hoade

Michael is a trainee journalist and presenter, who loves talking about himself in the third person(It makes him feel like the Rock). Video games, weightlifting and Japanese pro-wrestling take up most of his free time, and he loves sharing these interests with others. You can find him discussing games in further detail on his YouTube channel: The Gaming Conversation(linked in his profile).

Review: Biker Garage Mechanic Simulator

The idea of working in a garage - as a mechanic of all things - is something that has never dared enter my mind....

Review: Nuclear Corps

Nuclear Corps is certainly an experience.  Inspired by the real life nuclear disaster in Fukushima (2011) -  which was the most severe incident since the...

Review: Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles

The massively popular anime series, Demon Slayer, now has a game to give fans the chance to perfect their breathing techniques and slay some...

Review: Steel Assault

Steel Assault is an exhilarating 2D action-platformer that is here to show you a good time, if however brief. And I’m okay with that...

Review: Mary Skelter Finale

Mary Skelter Finale is a bloody, in your face, dungeon-crawling RPG.  The third entry in the series, the typical anime designs and fairytale inspired...

Review: Creepy Tale

Creepy Tale, a ‘point and click’ puzzle game, with elements of horror and platforming, certainly remains faithful to its name. A simple premise: you and...

Review: JARS

JARS is a wonderfully addictive strategy game with a unique aesthetic. Victor, the game’s equally befuddled and spooky looking protagonist, ventures into his family's basement,...

Review: Bonito Days

Good vibes, city pop and a summertime aesthetic make Bonito Days - a new game heavily inspired by the target minigame in Super Monkey...

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Master the Battle Frame and save your family!

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