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Michael Hoade

Michael is a trainee journalist and presenter, who loves talking about himself in the third person(It makes him feel like the Rock). Video games, weightlifting and Japanese pro-wrestling take up most of his free time, and he loves sharing these interests with others. You can find him discussing games in further detail on his YouTube channel: The Gaming Conversation(linked in his profile).

Review: Ninja Gaiden Master Collection

The Ninja Gaiden series is painfully unforgiving. Enemies are fast, intelligent and absolutely relentless. Combat is brutal, with flying limbs and blood spatters a...

Review: Zombie Driver Immortal Edition

Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition provides the definitive Zombie Driver experience. But, just what is that experience, exactly? A product of its time: - I want to preface...

Review: Crashlands

A quirky space odyssey: - There is something to be said for the way in which Crashlands manages to charm you almost instantly; with its quirky,...

Review: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

The outcome of video game remasters seems to vary quite drastically from title to title. And, the distinction between a ‘remake’ and ‘remaster’ isn’t...

Review: Judgement

If you ever questioned what a Yakuza/ Ace Attorney crossover might look like, Judgement may just be the answer - that leaves you with...

Review: Katana Zero

Katana Zero is a brutal, challenging, neo-noir 2D action platformer that leaves a strong impression.  You control Zero: a Katana wielding assassin who has the...

Review: Bob Help Them

Bob Help Them is a timed resource management game, where your goal is to help all the NPC’s in your village with simple chores.  Produced...

Review: Pang Adventures

Pang adventures sees two brothers on a quest around the world, with levels taking place in locations such as Bora Bora and Death Valley. The...

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