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Review: Beast

Thriller movies are some of the best pieces of cinema you can see, and one of the best types of thriller movies are ones...

Review: NOPE

To create film, is to create a spectacle. With suspense, when done correctly, it leaves you on the edge of your seat, as the...

Review: Stranger Things Season 4

In 2016, Stranger Things became a world-wide phenomenon overnight, with millions captivated by the 80's-inspired supernatural thriller. I was one of those people, as...

Review: Fall Guys Season 1: Free For All

Fall Guys, originally released in 2020 only for PS4 and PC, was an overnight sensation for millions of gamers on those platforms. Since then,...

Review: Zorro The Chronicles

Zorro The Chronicles is an action game, developed by BKOM Studios, inspired by the animated series, and released on every major platform. Fans of...

Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

9 out of 10 Cleaning up the streets of crime as the Turtles has never felt better. With such an incredible game, @TributeGames has set the gold standard for the beat 'em up genre.

Review: Pinball Freedom

Although a blast from the past for gamers that grew up in the 90's. Pinball Freedom falls flat after only an hour or two of play-time.

Review: Demon Turf Neon Splash

Demon Turf Neon Splash is a fun, vibrant, challenging platformer that packs a lot of content for a low price!

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Review: Farworld Pioneers

An amazing survival sim that'll push you to your limits.

Review: Tin Hearts

Review: War Mongrels