GamingReview: Fall Guys Season 1: Free For All

Review: Fall Guys Season 1: Free For All


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Fall Guys, originally released in 2020 only for PS4 and PC, was an overnight sensation for millions of gamers on those platforms. Since then, the game has seen a steady decline out of the main spotlight for gamers. Developer Mediatonic hopes to have found the answer that will help catapult Fall Guys back into the mainstream, and back onto gamers screens.

With the release of Season 1: Free For All, the game has made its way to the remainder of the platforms, such as Xbox Series X|S, and the Nintendo Switch. The game is also free for everyone to download, jump in, and play. This was the best decision for Mediatonic to make, as the developer announced since the launch of Season 1, the game has seen an outstanding 20 million players in only 48 hours. (

This was my first time jumping into Fall Guys, and I’ve had such a phenomenal experience, playing as the little beans, trying to get crowns with my girlfriend. If you will, join me as I explain all of the wonderful reasons why I love this game.


In terms of gameplay, it’s rather simple; You’re a little bean, competing on a TV game show-esque crash course, in hopes that you’ll be the winner of the crown. It takes the battle royale format, but adds a fun new twist with the variety of games you and your friends can play.

The games themselves are simple, with most offering the same easy to understand tasks like making it to the finish line, time trials, or not falling off a small platform. It’s simple, but don’t think it isn’t competitive, as getting crowns is no easy feat, but it’s so rewarding when you or your squad comes first.

Visual Aesthetic

I absolutely love the visual aesthetic of this game. Each level has a fun, vibrant, and wacky look to it, which invites the player in to have some fun with their friends.

The beans are cute, and fun to customize, which is there is no shortage of with the battle pass and shop, offering many cute and fun outfits.

As a Halo fan, I loved the Spartan Showdown event, which added Master Chief, Grunt, Aand Brute outfits to buy, with some free Halo items to earn as well.

Closing Remarks

As a newcomer, I am thrilled with how fun Fall Guys is. It’s uniquely charming, each and every time I go back and play. I highly recommend anyone with some friends looking for a fun multilayer game to play, jump into Fall Guys and go for some crowns. I think no matter the age, you will appreciate the joy this game brings, while also loving the challenge of winning in this highly competitive, game show extravaganza!


+ Fun Multiplayer
+ Outstanding Visual Design Reviewed on Xbox Series X (also available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch)
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+ Fun Multiplayer <br> + Outstanding Visual Design Reviewed on Xbox Series X (also available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch)Review: Fall Guys Season 1: Free For All