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Review: Beast


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Thriller movies are some of the best pieces of cinema you can see, and one of the best types of thriller movies are ones involving creatures. Most creature-flicks are horror films with the creature being a nasty, grotesque, nightmare-inducing abomination looking for humans to terrorize. But in my opinion, the scariest type of creature-flicks are ones with real-world animals, with events that could/do happen to people.

This film is about one of the scariest predators in the wild, the lion, and star Idris Elba finds himself going face to face with one to protect his daughters in ‘Beast’.

How We Got Here

Idris Elba’s character plans a trip to Africa, to spend some much needed time with his daughters, who are coming off the painful loss of their mother to cancer. He wanted to reconnect with his daughters after being somewhat absent in their lives for some time, and to also show them some of their mother’s heritage in the area in she grew up in. All goes awry when a Lion attacks their lone jeep in the wild, and what follows is an action packed 90 minute thrill ride.

Hope Amidst the Chaos

The locations in which the film was shit were outstanding, and the acting is simply incredible, from the always outstanding Idris, to his daughters who give convincing and real performances. Seeing Elba’s desperation and desire to not let his girls die was very powerful, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Closing Thoughts

Although we live in a digital age with many skipping the theaters and opting to watch movies at home, I still believe in the power of cinemas. Some movies are best experienced with your loved ones and this is one of them. One of my few complaints of the film, is that the CGI is quite noticeable.

The tension is so high, you’ll be clinging on to your loved ones with anticipation, with a heart full of fear every time the lion is on screen. I highly recommend everyone watch Beast, especially if you’re looking for a fun summer blockbuster that doesn’t waste a second of your 90 minute viewing experience.

Cody May
Cody May
Avid Gamer and aspiring Storyteller.

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