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Review: NOPE


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To create film, is to create a spectacle. With suspense, when done correctly, it leaves you on the edge of your seat, as the monster clings to the shadows, forcing your imagination to fill in the gaps. These spectacles, they wow us; they define us, and they leave an impact on us which lasts a lifetime. Jordan Peele set out to make a spectacle, and he did just that with his newest film NOPE.

Submerged in Suspense

As a lover of anything UFO, and an equal lover of suspense, this movie checked all the boxes for me. Me and my girlfriend sat next to each other in an empty theater, thanks to living in a small town, and continued to wonder what would happen next, anticipation rising as each minute passed.

With a film such as this, every scene matters. You observe every line, every image, every little detail attempting to add another piece to the ever-growing puzzle.

Peele does this very well, first with GET OUT, then US, and once again with NOPE. There are so many little things thrown in there, that only on a second viewing you would pick up on, which makes me appreciate the film even more.

Selling the Horror

Acting was superb across the board, from main stars like Daniel Kalyuua, and Keke Palmer, to supporting roles from Steven Yuen, and Brandon Perea. The performances feel real, and Peele did a fantastic job at getting the most out of them for every scene.

Create a Spectacle

The cinematography was excellent as well. I love when films pop, and NOPE does without question. It all looks incredible, from the camera work, to the locations, and the visual effects.

These are crucial for films to leave a lasting impression with the audience, and when movies look as good as NOPE does, it makes you appreciate all of the hard work that went into making something as difficult as a movie.

Final Remarks

In closing, I loved this movie. I think overall people will be divided, and it really boils down to if you like this genre or not. If you love suspense films, those that build anticipation over a large stretch of time, then you’ll really enjoy NOPE. If that’s not your cup of tea, and you like action movies with very little character development, NOPE is not the movie for you.

I appreciate Jordan Peele for continuing to progress the medium, by always pushing his films further, and attempting to do things in new and exciting ways. For the beautiful and wild spectacle that NOPE is, I hope everyone gets a chance to check it out in theaters, as movies like these need to be supported.

Cody May
Cody May
Avid Gamer and aspiring Storyteller.

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