NewsWhat are the benefits of USBs for gaming?

What are the benefits of USBs for gaming?


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USB ports and flash drives and video games have been inextricably linked for decades. Not only do most consoles come with various USB inputs, but USB flash drives are imperative for gamers on the go. Whether you’re building a new gaming setup or you want to improve an existing one, it’s always worth learning about how USBs are beneficial for gaming. 

What are USBs and how do they work?

Most devices – including computers, laptops, and games consoles – will include at least one standard USB-A port, with many of the latest devices boasting USB-C ports too. These are used to feed an external source into your device, whether that’s an accessory, data from another device, Virtual Reality equipment, or simply charging power. 

The term ‘USBs’ also refers to some types of portable flash drives, sometimes called memory sticks. In the following guide, we use USB to cover all definitions – from the input on your computer to the flash drive in your pocket. 

Why are USBs beneficial for gaming?

  • Additional storage

The latest games come in large packages, as far as storage is concerned. Not only can they fill the majority of storage available on your console or PC, but over time, they could contribute to the slowing down of your machine too. Being able to store them externally with a USB can free up space, prolong the life of the console, and allow you to enjoy smoother gameplay too. 

  • Peripheral devices

Still using a corded device? Whether you use a retro controller for your game or cables are an integral part of your setup, it’s more than likely that you’ll rely on USB ports to keep them connected. If this sounds familiar, it’s very important that you know the difference between a traditional USB-A and a USB-C, especially as more and more manufacturers turn to the newer connector type.

  • Increased compatibility

If you’ve ever played portable games before, you’ll know that USBs are essential. You can simply load up your USB flash drive with the latest games and get ready to play, wherever you are. If you frequently travel for business or you need to be flexible with your location, USBs make it possible to recreate your setup on a laptop. 

  • Connectivity 

Even if you use Bluetooth compatible devices, USB ports can still be necessary. Whether you use external accessories or you’re connecting more than one monitor at the same time, USB ports enable you to customise your setup. Gaming monitors usually work with either USB-A or USB-C, so you’ll also need to make sure that your devices share the same input and output requirements. 

  • Saving games

Lastly, we know that you’ll never want to unexpectedly lose any of the progress you’ve made on a mission. When you save your games on a USB flash drive, you’ll benefit from the peace of mind that any sudden computer crash won’t be the end of your luck.

If you’re struggling to decide between wireless and corded devices for your gaming setup, we’d always recommend choosing your gameplay preference over any aesthetic reasons. With the right USBs on hand, you can create a seamlessly integrated gaming setup to use on your favourite servers. 

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